BWA-HA-HA! I KNEW I Was Right To SCORN HDTV! 3-D TV, Without Glasses, Appears!

And it has

near HDTV picture quality

!! :cool: :smiley:,71627-0.html?tw=wn_index_14


I was wise to avoid HDTV!

It will still be a few years until it reaches consumers, but a really good promo/marketing system will take care of that!!

And check this—

This I would pay for. HDTV was never worth a nickel to me, 3D TV is!!

It’s called lenticular screen 3D. There’s been a special theater in Moscow showing lenticular movies for decades. Why it’s taken this long to get to TV, I don’t know. I don’t know why they never built another lentixcular theater, either.


Yes, this sounds very cool. I’ll be seeing it demo-ed in a month or so. It had better be cooler than the last 3 companies who tried to show off their 3D TVs. How well did those do? Well, you don’t see any selling at Best Buy or Circuit yet, do you?

Give us a report.

One of the other uses is that two people can stand side by side and see two separate 2D images. That should perk up the ears of console gamers. . .

Why laugh at HDTV.

When do you think that 3D-TV will actually have a wide-range of programming, and be affordable?

5 years? 10 years? Never?

Even if it was 2 years from now, HDTV is currently cheap enough and good enough that it would be worth it to go get one tonight.

“Good enough”?

“Good enough” at what? :confused:

I’ve seen HDTV, & the difference is so slight that I can only regard it as a fraud, to get Americans to blow another $200-$300 above & beyond a perfectly serviceable TV.

Nobody who wears glasses can get much out of HDTV.

Wow, I disagree. I was just out shopping for TVs this past weekend, and after looking at the HD sets it almost hurt my eyes to look at the standard def TVs. I couldn’t afford an HD anyway, so it wasn’t a problem, but the quality difference is pretty obvious (to me at least).

I don’t understand this statement. Could you explain to me why wearing glasses would prevent you from seeing more lines of resolution on a TV?

I’m holding off until they merge it with this technology.

Are you sure you’ve seen HDTV? I think you might be confused about what HDTV is. This, in particular, just doesn’t make any sense:

You might want to check out HD again. I think maybe something at the TV store confused you last time.

Are you sure you saw a HD signal on a HD set with the proper cabling? I have a HD set at home with digital cable. The difference is night and day between a “normal” channel and a 1080i channel.

More than you ever wanted to know about Lenticular 3D TV:

This isn’t emporer’s new clothes territory, man.

This isn’t like swapping out your speaker cables. It’s not even close. A person with no training could tell the difference 100 times out of 100 (and yes, I do mean without the aspect ratio giveaway).

Whoever’s demo you saw (and that could have been the high school kids at Best Buy), or it could have been a poor source, like a DVD (not HD), didn’t know what they were doing.

Apparently were not watching the same HDTV as you. Watch any sporting event on a 50" or larger HDTV with a 1080i signal and widescreen next to a 50" standard definition picture and then tell me there is no difference.
I watch Hi-Def baseball games and am just amazed that I can see: dust in the air when a player slides, indvidual blades of grass, sweat on a players face, fans behind home plate facial expressions. My wife calls it “spooky” since she can now see age spots, freckels, body hair, and makeup on Leno and Letterman.

My bespectacled eyes see a huge difference between standard & HD pictures.

The difference may have been in comparing a 25" HDTV to a 25" standard def TV. The smaller the set, the less noticeable the difference, especially if both are processing hte same signal.

Scale the sizes up, though, to 30, 40 or 50 inches, and the difference is dramatic. What looks like complete crap when you sit close to a 50 inch tv will look like “normal” tv on a 50 inch HDTV.

Commercial 3D-TV.

3 years away?

At least a decade, probably two, if it even catches on at all. Do you think 3D movies were a bust because of the glasses? 3D is a gimmick, not a natural progression of display formats.