Bye, Berta - Conchata Ferrell dies at 77

Another tick in the “Why 2020 SUCKS!” box. Complications after a heart attack.

She’ll always be Thor Nurse Thor to me. I love the fact that she went on to guest star on ER after being a major character on E/R. she was always entertaining and believable in her parts. A great character actor.

I liked her on L.A. Law.

I know I saw here pop up on other shows here and there, but the only think I really know her from is Two and a Half Men.

She was in the short-lived series Hot_l Baltimore back in the spring of 1975.

That’s when I first heard of her. She popped up in many roles after that, not too many were recurring though.

I remember her in Hot L Baltimore. She got the best lines. Truly underrated

She was great in Hot L Baltimore and even better in Heartland, one of her few dramatic roles.

That’s my main association with her. Her character was always entertaining.

And she took no guff.


According to IMDB, she was also in a 1983 movie called “Emergency Room”!

RIP Berta, you were awesome.

OK, I haven’t sampled anything from the other side of the buffet since I traveled with the Grateful Dead, but Golly Moses, she’s a muffin.

Berta : Well, everybody makes that mistake once. I crossed that line in the '70s when I was cleaning house for Mr. Telly Savalas.
Charlie Harper : You’re kidding. TV’s Kojak?
Berta : One and the same.
Charlie Harper : What happened?
Berta : What do you think happened? He’s Greek, a man of passion. You can’t tie your shoes around those guys.
Charlie Harper : That’s rough.
Berta : You bet your ass it’s rough.
[Alan walks in]
Alan Harper : Morning.
Charlie Harper : Morning.
Berta : So, Zippy. I hear you’ve been sinking your putts on the company golf course.
Alan Harper : Thanks for telling her.
Charlie Harper : Thanks for telling me.
Berta : Word of advice: It may seem like fun and games at the beginning, but mark my words. Sooner or later, you’re gonna wake up with a broken heart and a lollipop stuck to your keister.

Thanks for the laughs, Conchata. RIP

She was very funny in B.J. and the Bear as a deputy sheriff called “The Fox”.

No ER connection, but speaking of movies: she was one of Faye Dunaway’s hapless staff-members in Network. She wasn’t given any zingers; she just had to look nonplussed by Dunaway’s aggression (which she did very well).