Bye Bye Blackbird

I always new there was more verses to this Song as my Father sang it but i was missing the one "Bluebird’ so thank you for that.
I cant understand why so many so called Greats never bothered to record all the Song its a Great Chorus But without the Verses its Nothing Because you don’t know why or what is Happening as to why she is leaving and where she is going, Anyway What a song. Love KittC.

What? Who? What?

It’s about a song recorded by The Random Capitals.

And I thought it was a belated farewell to the SR-71.

Shirley Booth did a great tear-jerking rendition of this song on her sitcom “Hazel.” I’m assuming the song you refer to begins, “Pack up all my cares and woe…”? If not, then, as you were. :slight_smile:

More to the point, Which? (column)


That’s what threw me. Near as I can tell, there isn’t a column on this up anywhere. Which means the OP found it on a search. Maybe.

Found it.