Bye Bye tree

I’ve left voice mail at three different tree removal companies, and I’m still waiting for a call back.
I have a 15 year old weeping willow tree on my front lawn that is an eye sore. the roots are above ground in every direction, which makes it impossible to mow. Wood peckers have damn near gone right through one part of the trunk. It is not a gigantic trunk…I can wrap my arms around it and touch fingers.
What kind of money do these tree guys get to make this tree and all its above ground roots disappear? (I’m in N.Y.)

Depends on some things,like is the tree near power lines,buildings etc.That affects how it comes down,whether a man goes up and tops or stays on the ground.
Also how much clean up is involved.You want firewood,want the top chipped,etc.
Whatever numbers you get make CERTAIN they have insurance.I have stories about that.

I’ll second the insured tree removal guys only schtick.

Also, willows roots go long and far, make sure they do a thorough job. Cost…$500. IMO

The tree stands all alone at the front of my property. If it fell in any direction, it would fall on my grass…no power lines, no other trees. In fact, I’ll probably cut it down myself. I just need for the tree people to remove the trunk and roots. As far as fire wood, willow is the worst. It maintains moisture like, forever, even after it’s cut.

What a pain in the ass.
You can easily get someone to come out and do a stump removal that they do with a powered grinder but I don’t know if they can do anything about the roots. And then even after the stump is removed you have roots that rott underground and cause the wonderful mushrooms that pop up all over your lawn for years.

I had one of those fall on my property. It was a rainy year and their roots are not deep. I came home from a business trip and it was down. I called several places and asked them to come hall it away. No one ever showed up. Eventually friends did it as a birthday present.

Reading the thread title, I was imagining there was some variety or species of tree colloquially known as the ‘Bye Bye Tree’, somewhere in the world. I will be most disappointed if this doesn’t turn out to be true.