Bye! I'm going to Germany

My family will be moving to Germany for an extended period. My husband will be doing a sabbatical at Radboud University and we’ll be living in nearby Kleve, Germany.

It’s a small town and I’ll have minimal access to a computer. I know most of you don’t know me, although I’ve been here a long time.

But I’ll wave good bye anyway!

Why minimal computer access? It’s called the WorldWideWeb for a reason.

Bye! Enjoy your time in Germany.


Have a safe trip. Stop in and see us anytime.

I’m sure the web still works there, but we won’t have a computer at home.

Have a great time…I loved living in Germany!
And I agree StGermain…limited computer access?
Germany has access in every nook and cranny - and they have a cell phone system that makes the USA look like the Stone Ages in comparison.
You can say a lot about Germany, but techno-phobic they ain’t.
I think we’ll be seeing you on the boards sooner than you think.

Enjoy! You’re gonna love it there!

Oh, and speaking of cell phones - be sure to order SKYPE International Plan…it is about $10 month and allows practically unlimited (10,000 minutes/month) calls around the world - even on your cell phone in the US. (German cell phones cost more to use per minute though.) You can use it on your land line in Germany. I use it and can call and chat to Germany as if I were calling locally. Will be quite nice to keep in touch with family and friends in the US for practically nothing.

Wishing a safe and enjoyable adventure!

I hope you have a great time while you are there! Drop in any time!

We’ll see if both of you will resist the temptation - you husband will need to commute from Germany to the Netherlands to get to his work PC …

Anyway, welcome.

Just checked where that is on Google Maps. It is tucked kind of out of the way, at least from most places I get to. Convenient to Utrecht and the Ruhrgebiet. If you’re into soccer there are a lot of clubs there to choose from.

Make sure you start practicing your German. It’s not quite true that everyone here speaks English, and the more you learn the more you’ll enjoy yourself and be able to navigate.

JEALOUSY!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Need someone to carry your bags for you? I’ll volunteer.

I’ve always wanted to visit Germany, but I think I’m gonna have to wrap that dream up in bubble wrap and store it in the attic.

And you’ll be there for the summer. What a great time to be there! Ooh, I see Amsterdam’s not far, either.

Oh fun! Have a great time, stop by and give us reports every so often.

Danke! It’s a small town off the beaten path, but in a way that makes it more of ‘real Germany’ than a tourist place would be. My husband is a native speaker of German (although from Switzerland), so that will be helpful in navigating our way around.

He’ll have a work laptop that he’ll bring home occasionally so I can access my e-mail and surf the web a bit, so I may stop in on occasion.


Enjoy your adventure – stop by with updates!

Have fun. My daughter is ending a year in Tubingen, and she’s had a great time. Go and see things - she’s found how to play the railroads very well. We visited her last month, and then went to Berlin, and we had a great time.

Say hello to my friend, Kim, willya? She just moved to Germany from Florida.

What? Germany’s kinda small, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

I hope it’ll be a grand time for you! Say goodbye to shopping on Sundays, but you’ll still be able to find English books on, there are bakeries and florists all over the place, and you’ll be coming over at a great time of year. Winter gets gloomy, but there are Christmas markets fragrant with Glühwein and Lebkuchen to warm things up. How long will you be here?