C.C. Sabbathia lost weight by swearing off cereal

Sabbathia claims he lost 20 lbs by cutting down on Cap n’ Cruch, and everyone is taking this at face value? :rolleyes: Seriously?

That’s ~75 boxes of cereal. He says he’d eat one per sitting. Meh, 5 a week for a summer=25 pounds. Doesn’t shock me in the least.

I’d probably lose 10 if I gave up peanut butter.

… mmmmmm, peanut butter…

Sweetened cereals are incredibly high in sugar. Cutting them from your diet is similar to swearing off of candy bars.

But for the last several years, guys have come to Spring Training 15 lbs lighter, and what has most people concluded?

They all lost 15 pounds of muscle though. Losing 25 pounds of fat when you’re 100 pounds overweight isn’t a big deal.

He just switched to Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions.

I lost a little bit more than that switching from regular to diet soda. Sugar can really do a number on your weight.

You’re suggesting Sabathia was on steroids because he lost some of his gut?

I’ve lost 18 pounds by removing grains, starches and sugars from my diet. In two months. I have no doubt that a guy as big as C.C. Sabathia could lose 20 pounds just from getting rid of Cap’n Crunch.

Marley, I seriously doubt I’m the only person who’s suspicious.

You’re totally right this guy had to have lost a ton of muscle mass. It’s not like he had excess fat to shed.

Your suspicion doesn’t make any freaking sense. Guys like Pudge Rodriguez and Giambi raised eyebrows because they showed up at training camp having lost a significant amount of muscle mass, not because they’d just lost some weight. Surely you have seen fat baseball players before. This is the only current picture I can find of Sabathia. Does he look like he’s lost a lot of muscle, or does he just look lighter?

People are laughing about the Cap’n Crunch thing because it’s pretty funny, but Sabathia never said he lost 25 pounds just by giving up Cap’n Crunch. The Times says he stopped eating cereal and cut out sports drinks and soda and worked out twice a day. If a 300-pound man stops eating a box of cereal a day and begins exercising twice a day, I don’t think it’s crazy to think he could lose 25 pounds over a period of months.

Your suspicion is absurd. (Actually, most of your steroid-related suspicions have been absurd.) When you’re 100 lbs. overweight, do you realize how ridiculously easy it is to lose 20 lbs. over the course of a month or two? I have no doubt most of it was water weight combined with actually paying attention to diet.

Nobody’s getting the obvious joke here? C. C. = Cap’n Crunch. I think CC was taking a bit of ribbing at himself with the “cereal killer” comment.

Let me see if I can explain this to you.


I hope that helps.

Which is more likely?

[li]Although he was never discussed as a possible juicer, Sabathia was on steroids, and kept using them in 2007-09, even as lots of guys were being publically named and shamed for using, and when Sabathia was under a guaranteed contract. He has quit now for some undisclosed reason, despite being under no suspicion, when steroids are a dead issue and when he is going into the last year of a contract.[/li]
[li]Under his Yankees contract, Sabathia got fat and lazy. Now, going into the last year of his deal, he wants to have a good season so he can score big in free agency next year.[/li][/ol]

You forgot to add that Sabathia quit juicing while he was rehabbing from knee surgery. He’s not actually in the last year of his contract, but he can opt out this year and try to get more than the $23 million a year he’s getting right now.

I’m guessing he got fat on (fermented) cereal (grains).

Yes, but I read further where he said he was eating a box a day as others have mentioned.