C K Dexter Haven: WTF? (mild)

I am just completely confused. (And/or out of it.) Who’s Orpheus and why would a stupid joke based on him be cause for warning?


I believe this was addressed by Dex’s comment “If you really want to know, e-mail me.”

I demand that you retract this grievious libel aginst our fine moderator and…ummm…nevermind…

Hamburger, yes. Cheeseburger? Never.

I’m going to second this. Let’s just say that (a) given the backstory, which I happen to know and which is truly tragic in the literal real-world sense, I fully understand why Dex might be hypersensitive to an apparent bit of snark involving something he and Euty worked on together, and (b) I did not intend any snark whatsoever. It was one of my puns which misfired badly.

Anyone wno wants to know more, e-mail Dex.

Heck, I’m sure that even most Christians would not recognize the name Eutychus from the Bible.

I can show you, if you really care, that I am not wrong. I believe the messages from the incident are still in my PM box, if I did not delete them to make room. In fact, it was a milder admonition (no “mod hat on” type verbiage) from Dex himself that I’m referring to. Perhaps it would be more accurate if I’d said “can be” instead of “is”, but it’s a small difference at most.

Doesn’t really matter to me. Despite slipups, which do happen, not every admonition from a mod is a formal warning. If the posts contain other language that are equivalent to words like “formal warning,” without using those exact words, then yes, it’s still a warning. But that doesn’t describe every “mod hat on” situation. And generalities aside it’s pretty clear that post isn’t a warning.

I think we can defenestrate the whole controversy at this point.

Seeing as Dex is the jewish one, I believe it would be his joke in that scenario.

I seem to recall a rule about not mocking someone’s user name. Was that this message board? If so, can someone point me to a cite, as I canna find the rules at the moment?

Exactly. We do Moderator Notes and Formal Warnings. I try to do these things as a separate post so that I can use the title of the post to identify which it is.

Hamburger puns, sir, would be truly Wimpy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a legend posted somewhere?

Thank goodness. I’ve had to poop since I started reading this.

Ooh, I hope so. I love tall tales!


My basic reation is: oh, sheeeeee-it. My bad. I did not recollect that the historic/mythic Eutychus did actually fall out of an actual window; instead, I thought Polycarp’s comment was a snide reference to our member Eutychus. Color me embarrassed and stupid.

I have apologized in the initial thread, and I apologize here. Yeah, I’ll use my Jewish lack-of-familiarity with the New Testament as an explanation, that’s a lot better than just a totally senior moment and memory failure. In any case, I was well and thoroughly whooshed.

Thanks to all those who sent Personal Messages, although I would have seen email earlier. I’m not on the Message Boards 24/7, I check my email more frequently than I check the boards. For future, so y’all know.

Can we close this thread now?

That may or may not have been a general rule. It started, I think, when someone (perhaps Liberal himself) took exception to people referring to Liberal as Liberaltarian, a conflation of his current and former usernames. There was some confusion (and at least one major Pit thread) about whether there was a rule against mocking someone’s user name, and if so, if it applied only to “Liberaltarian” or to any similar construction for any other user.

In any case, this incident surely doesn’t fall under such a rule, since referring to Euty as “whatsisname that fell out the window” hardly qualifies as mocking. It’s more along the lines of if, say, we had a user named James T. Kirk, and another poster, failing to remember this name but vaguely recalling the pop culture reference, referred to him as “whatsisname that commanded the Starship Enterprise”.

Thanks for coming forward with that apology! As the original poster I’m happy with the thread being closed.