c napier painting of ship

how much is my painting worth of the ship by C Napier. i have recently been given it by my father -inlaw

My patent answer to questions like that is: Nothing has any pecuniary value at all until the moment a seller and a buyer decide on a price.

There was a famous maritime artist called Charles Napier Hemy. A good painting by him could fetch anywhere from $1000 to over $20,000. Se here for a newspaper article about an auction in 2009.

If you have one of his paintings, you’re incredibly lucky. They’re beautiful! Here are some more of his paintings.

But “C Napier” may be lots of other artists. A good painting may still be worth hundreds of dollars, even if it is a reproduction done by a skilled “amateur”.

Find out all you can about the painting’s history: Where it was bought, the full name of the artist, the original price, anything you can find out.

Take a high-resolution photo of the painting in good lighting and send it to a reputable arts dealer with all the information you found out. Do not use a cell phone camera. The dealer may be able to help you validate the authenticity of the painting. You might have to talk to more than one dealer to find one who is interested.

If you find out a lot of information about it, you might be able to sell it online yourself, but buyers feel more comfortable buying from a reputable dealer.

Can anyone else recommend where to find art dealers online? I haven’t used one for decades.