CA gun show draws 10,000 people ‘getting ready for the next revolution’

Story here:

And that’s why I’m here Pitting Biden and Obama! Isn’t it obvious?! It’s a conspiracy! They’re both in the pay of the motherfucking gun dealers! :mad:

Crikey, you could almost forgive someone for thinking that. Prices of AR-15 magazines have doubled and sometimes tripled in places. I’ve been looking for low-capacity magazines lately, ones that wouldn’t even be affected by any proposed ban, and even I’ve had a hard time. Everybody’s sold out, and backorder lists are growing.

Yeah, these guys talk a tough game. I’d like to see how ‘tough’ they actually would be if uncle Sam came knocking on their door wanting their guns. (Not like that’s actually going to happen.)

I’m pretty sure they’ll capitulate rather quickly.

There is a term for people whose response to a school shooting is to go buy the same gun that was used in it: “sick fuck”. Put aside 2nd amendment rights, defending yourself, target shooting, collecting, and all the other possible reasons to own a gun, but if you go out and purposely buy the same gun that was used to massacre children just a few weeks ago, you are a sick fuck.

This is not aimed at the posters above, it’s aimed at the sick fucks who went out after a school shooting and decided that it was a good time to buy that same gun.

Maybe the gun nuts are right and someday it will come down to armed resistance by the sick fucks against the government. I’ll root for the helicopter gunships to shoot all the sick fucks and won’t feel pang of remorse.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen so many fucks in a single post.

I was gonna say Fuck…but I thought better and said Fuck it. :smiley:

I’ve seen a picture of Obama over a slogan “Salesman of the Year” in several gun shops I’ve visited in the last few years. Yeah, it is very much tongue in cheek, but there’s an element of truth to it. He’s been great for gun dealers and ammo manufacturers so far. So has the current media frenzy, as your link and other similar stories around the country so aptly demonstrate. Gun grabbers themselves are actually causing more people to buy guns. Tasty irony, there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only in the sense that rat feces are tasty. And that CA gun show drew at least 10,000 rats.

Why? What does the style of the gun signify? Is it okay if they buy AK-47s instead? This is just irrational and misplaced sensitivity.

I’d agree with you if it were somebody buying an AR-15 because they were happy about how good it is for killing children, or because they just got off on the notoriety of the thing; but fer chrissakes, it was already the most popular kind of rifle in the country, and with talk of bans on the horizon, lots of people are thinking that now might be their last chance to get one. That’s not sick fuckery, that’s just economics.

So are you trying to get this “gun grabber” thing to catch on like “gun nuts” has?

Good luck, dude.

I’m with fumster.

I forgot was I was gonna post, anyhoo…

I live neither in the woods or the hoods, but I do have a home defense weapon(s).

I was just watching a vid with Rick Neilson, they were discussing his guitar collection. He say’s, " I’d like my collection to be about 100, but there’s always another one I like, and so I make room for it ".

He has at least 1000 guitars, brings maybe 20 on tour. He can only play one at a time. So, why have so many?

I think I have 10 Guitars, Basses and Keyboards. Even though I only use a couple at a show.

It comes down to the right tool for the right job, and what you can afford to get for what reason you need it.

Just because a guy has 100 guns doesn’t mean he’s a gun nut. There are a lot of different reason for them all.

Same as Instruments.

I really Hate the 2nd Amendment BS being tossed around like a toy. :mad:

Good point. Guitars and guns are so much alike.

It’s so hip and cool, it’s even in Urban Dictionary.

“Step right up, last chance to buy the rife that killed 20 children”.

Too bad he killed himself, he could have made a fortune doing celebrity endorsements of the AR-15. I stand by my assessment.

You’re a fuckwit.

Oakminster said succinctly what I’ll try to say more politely: your assessment is based on a bizarre moral transmutation that makes no sense and helps nobody.

fumster, cum-dumpster, whatever… I dedicate my next 1000 round AR15 ammo purchase to your stupidity.

I am a hunter, sport shooter and gun enthusiast . I have no criminal record and i would never , NEVER use a gun as an offensive weapon. I respect guns as I was taught to as a young boy. My guns provide great family bonding time in the woods and at the range, as well as provide myself and my family with self defensive tools at home and out in public. we are not the problem.
guns are no more responsible for mass murders, single murders or even a good old fashioned pistol whipping than my shoe is. I could beat someone to death with my shoe and give them quite the flogging with it also…if I was so mentally deranged that I set my mind on that end result.

You political ranters will not win. Guns are too much an important part of our history, current culture and required for our future. It just won’t happen. Nobama will settle for minimal compromises like extra background checks, which are already done, and maybe a hi cap mag ban but that won’t bother the millions of hi cap a magazines already in possession of millions of Americans . then he will get back to full spending ahead…I pity the poor fucker that has to clean up after this fool has been in office for 8 years.

I bet whatever car you own was used to kill a bunch of innocent people in drunk driving accidents. What the fuck is wrong with you, you sick fuck?

This is the fucking retarded attitude that you dipshits have, that guns somehow have this magical power or specialness, that particular types of guns are benign or evil. AR-15s are one of the most popular types of rifles out there. They’re used in official Camp Perry fucking national marksmanship programs like the M1 Garand and M14 before it. But now people are supposed to be collectively shamed by owning a particular type of common firearm? One that, if they want to own one, they have to act fast because a potential ban is coming in?

The very idea that somehow people who possess a certain type of object who’ve never done anything wrong should feel deep shame is fucking retarded. They are not magical items imbued with essences that taint your soul, they’re a fucking particular configuration of plastic and metal.

You sound like fucking morons, obsessing about particular guns like this.

The irony is that shooters only use weapons like that because of the reaction people have to them. They look military, they seem somehow evil and unwholesome. So if you’re trying to go out in a blaze of glory, you play Klebold dress-up and put on a leather jacket and get weapons that look scary. They choose those sorts of weapons to elicit that sort of reaction, because they want to be infamous and they want to look the part. So your hysteria over that exact thing fuels their choice.

Not that it matters - for effectiveness, a 12ga shotgun would be the best choice for a shooting spree like that. I wonder if a regular old run of the mill Remington 870 was used to go on a shooting spree if you’d be calling a million kindly old men with a shotgun sick fucks.

In actually think it’s the only thing that will help. We have 100s of millions of guns and no matter what we do they aren’t going to disappear. We have a couple of choices: have everyone walk around armed all the time (which is so moronic an idea that I won’t even bother with it), or as a society decide that our gun fetish is as ugly as racism was.

Want a gun to hunt, target shoot, maybe keep one around for defense if you are in a rural area, even get a CCW permit if you carry large sums of money or have some other rational reason to need gun, that’s great.

But people just need to realize that keeping an arsenal of weapons around ready to shoot your fellow Americans when you decide that you don’t like the way the country is heading is irrational, immoral, and sick. Choosing a weapon that was designed specifically for killing human beings in warfare is evil. It says something about society that large numbers of people think that it is normal. We no longer have minstrel shows; not because they are banned by the government, but because people realized that it is socially unacceptable. At some point we are going to have to get there with guns. The mother of the shooter in Newtown was a prepper who took her son to the shooting range. She was part of the sick culture that has grown up around guns. This isn’t like the old days where Boys Life had ads for hunting rifles, now we have people sitting around oiling their riles (figuratively and metaphorically) while they decide what kinds of rounds will work best to kill people.

If you saw someone with pictures of guillotines and electric chairs and nooses taped to his wall you’d be concerned, but somehow we think it’s normal for someone to stockpile dozens of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Thanks for proving my point.