CA labor law Q, r.e. scheduling

The restaurant that my GF works at is in the habit of not posting the upcoming week’s schedule (Monday-Sunday) until the Saturday or sometimes Sunday before. For example, the schedule for the week of July 3-9 won’t be up until July 1st or 2nd.

Is this legal, and if not, can someone point out specifically where this is mentioned, so she can yel…have a chat with…the boss?

I don’t understand what kind of law you are talking about. Are you suggesting there is some sort of a law mandating an employer to provide you with a schedule? If you work for me and one day I decide that I will no longer provide you with your schedule, and you have to guess, and if you guess wrong you’re fired - that should be perfectly legal too (IANAL though, so correct me if I’m wrong). It’s an at-will employment state, pretty much eanything not having to do with payment, harassment or discrimination goes.