CA Prop 8 & celebrities

I don’t wish to debate Prop 8 here in CS; it’s being debated elsewhere.

For this thread, I’m just interested in celebrities who have had something to say about it, and what they said. Hopefully with links.

Last night I googled around, but didn’t find much.

Keith Olberman did a piece that’s been linked to around the boards.

Margaret Cho filmed a Mac vs. PC spoof ad against Prop 8.

I saw an Anderson Cooper talking head interview about it, but Anderson himself didn’t have much to say.

I went to Oprah’s site and she’s thus far silent on the issue, but talked about Prop 2, the farm animal thing.

Ellen joined Oprah about Prop 2, but did eventually stand up about Prop 8. Haven’t found a video of it, yet.

I was looking for Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Colbert & Stewart, etc.

Any other celebs taking public stances on the issue?

Please, let’s not debate the issue itself.

Here’s a video with Ellen talking about gay marriage with John McCain. I don’t think she specifically mentions Prop 8, but she talks about her own impending marriage to Portia.

Add Melissa Etheridge to the list.

Here’s Wanda Sykes talking prop 8 on Ellen, too.

Ellen’s spot for No on Prop 8 and her statement after it passed.

Edit to add: Pic of Drew Barrymore at a protest

Gov Schwartzenegger publically opposed prop 8 and still does.

Prop 8 has prompted Wanda Sykes to come out.