Cabbage Prevents Lung Cancer

[Homer]Mmmmmm, lung cancer.[/Homer]

Given that I can’t seem to quit smoking, I’m gonna have start eating more cabbage.

I’ve read about other similar studies that came to similar conclusions.

There has also been studies that indicate Selenium supplements can reduce the risk of several different types of cancer (including lung cancer) by up to 50%.

I have also read of studies that suggest that beta-carotene increases the risk of lung cancer in both current and former smokers, but decreases the risk in people who have never smoked.

Damn… and here I was thinking that Cabbage had discovered an algorithm that fought cancer.

Oh, great. Now on top of all that smelly cigarette smoke, you’re going to have the cabbage farts!



Wait till he starts smoking cabbage!

Get a pressure cooker. That’s the best way to cook cabbage. Throw in a teaspoonful of caraway seeds to tame the sulfide stinkiness. Drizzle on some margarine or ranch dressing. Yum. Oh, yum.

So that’s what all his math research was for!

Ultrafilter, any progress on a polynomial cure for AIDS yet?

Well, it’s so hard to keep lit!

But that’s the best part of cabbage! And people wonder why I’ve never been married.

I think for this to work what you’ll need to do is cram your mouth full of cabbage any time you want to put a cigarette in there…

Male masturbation may cut prostate cancer risk!

Go for it!