Cable box with multiple outputs

Let’s say a cable box has several different outputs: composite, s-video, component, and HDMI. First off, do such boxes with both analog and digital outputs exist? Secondly, if one were to connect 2 different televisions at the same time, using 2 different connections (ie. component and HDMI) would both TVs display properly? Would the picture quality be degraded?

Shouldn’t be any problem. We’ve got a Dish satellite receiver that has every conceivable output from RF on a coax “F” connector on up through HDMI, and we can run a TV off the HDMI and connect a VCR to the composite (the single yellow jack) with no difficulties.

I can answer that most modern cable boxes have multiple outputs, including both digital and analog. I know that multiple sound outputs will work, since I have the R/W RCAs going to my TV, and a digital output to my receiver when I want to turn on surround sound - so it’s not unlikely that multiple video would work as well.