Cable question

I subscribed to digital cable basic service 2 months ago. At the time I were told that as part of the promotion, I would get all the channels (except pay per view) for free for 2-4 weeks. 2 weeks later, the premium channels were turned off, but other channels in the standard package remained (cnn, VH1 etc), and are still on today.
Now my question is, can I just lay back and enjoy until the cable company find out? If I don’t inform the cable company, am I legally liable for paying back the standard package price?
I am in Massachusetss if that makes any difference.

I don’t believe so. Heck, we had free basic cable for months when we moved into my last apt. Eventually, the co. wised up and turned it off.

Legally, I think you’re pretty much in the clear. Ethically, though …

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Having a little trouble parsing your post. You said you subscribed, so aren’t you being billed for what you subscribed for? Are you saying that you were supposed to get the whole shebang for free to 2-4 weeks (2-4? They weren’t more precise than that?), but you still haven’t been billed?

IANAL. Failure to receive an invoice does not relieve you of the liability to pay according to the terms of your service contract. You are not doing anything illegal since they installed the service for you, but if the cable company realizes its error, it may try to back-bill you, or they may let it slide as a goodwill gesture.

Sorry I wasn’t clear here. The deal was 2 weeks free with everything and then I pay for and receive basic only. The guy who did installation told me to expect 2-4 weeks before the other channels being switched off. It’s been 2 months and I’ve been paying for basic and receiving standard package.
The cable’s so overpriced that I don’t feel guilty at all of getting a few free channels for a while. But someone told me the cable company can charge me for the rate difference if I don’t call and have the extra channels turned off. Is this true?

If you are concerned send a return receipt requested letter to the cable company saying that you only watch basic but however are receiving the extra channels and you want to make them aware of it. I would think this should cover your ass if any issue arises.

Also when I moved into a house I got a letter from the cable co saying that the former owner of the house had cable and we would like you to sign up. If you sign up before we disconect the cable you will not be charged instalation, if not continue to enjoy it till it is disconnected. - It took 4 yrs.

I work for a cable company, very closely with the Board of Public Utilities which regulates us in New Jersey (other states have different, or possibly no, regulatory body). The BPU is very clear to us…if you are receiving services you are not entitled to, it is OUR fault and we can NOT back bill you (at least in NJ). While I am writing this post I am supposed to be working on a project along those same lines…we have a few hundred customers receiving channels they shouldn’t through an oversight on our part. Not only can we not back bill them, the BPU says we can not even just shut them off if they’ve had the channels for a certain period of time (I think it may be three months but I’m not sure.) We have to send those customers a letter informing them of the mistake, to give them notice that the channels will be disappearing. We are required to give them 30 days notice. even though they aren’t entitled to those channels and it’s our fault. We can NOT back bill them.

However, if you don’t live in New Jersey (or you don’t have a cable company that cares about getting fined by the BPU…I used to work for one here in NJ that violated rules like this all the time and rarely got caught), the rules may be different.