Caboki Hairloss Dust?

What is this stuff exactly and how does it work? Would a rain storm or sweating from activity render it useless? Anyone try it? I am freaked out by it a little, I have to admit.

From some review sites I read, it’s a scam. It’s just a fluffy, sticky powder, hopefully colored similarly to your own hair. One guy with black hair said he would have had better luck rubbing mascara all over his scalp.

Of course it’s a scam. Really, how could it not be?

Reading reviews, they’re all either saying it’s the worst shit ever made or a miracle in a bottle. I’m inclined to believe the former group.

nothing beats GLH-9.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a scam; it looks similar to Toppik, which has fairly good reviews on Amazon:

The videos, however, I’m not sure about. That dude is pretty much totally bald. I’d think it would work much better in early stages of baldness, or a more diffuse female pattern hair loss.

I am just glad my husband has embraced his baldness and just shaves his head

Hey April, I’ve been using Caboki for about a year, and I’m overall very pleased with the results. (31 yo male, moderate balding…to the point where friends openly joked with me about it) It took a few times experimenting with it to get the application perfect, but now that I’ve figured it out, I spend approximately 3 - 5 minutes every morning applying it (which is about the same amount of time I was spending on my hair previously to this to try and minimize the appearance of my balding) and it looks great. Here’s my experience using it with water:

Caboki will not run with moderate sweat or even in heavy rainfall. I even dip my head under the shower head once in a while to “re-do” my hair, and it only requires a modest touch-up afterwards. However, if you have your head under the shower for the full length of your shower, or otherwise fully submerse your head in water, it will come out. I’m an avid surfer, and after one or two dunks under the water, the Caboki is completely rinsed out of my hair.

I think it is DEFINITELY worth getting the free trial sample to see if ti works for you. It’s a decent amount of the product. It was enough for me to decide that I wanted to buy a full bottle before my sample size ran out.

Here are some of the other things I’ve found:

It works so well that people noticed immediately (in a good way). So, I would recommend at the very least having a story about why your hair is so much thicker OR start applying it a little bit at a time, and hope people will notice the same way they notice when someone loses a lot of weight.

I have a white bathroom counter and black hair, after application, I usually have to wipe down the counters to remove the excess dust.

It actually stays in my hair better if I DON’T use hair spray. I thought hairspray would help hold the product in, but it turns out that if the hairspray is disturbed after it dries, the product tends to fall out noticeably; whereas if I put Caboki in without hairspray, it tends to stay in place even when disturbed.

If I rest my head on a surface that is covered in cloth (pillow, sofa, car seat, friend’s shoulder, etc), a small amount of dust will be left behind; but won’t typically affect the effectiveness of the application. Now that I’m conscious of this, I don’t rest my head anywhere that I wouldn’t want to “dust off” after lifting my head.

If I scratch my head, a small amount of dust will be left on my fingers or under my fingernails; again, it doesn’t affect the product but it can be an issue.

Good luck, and let me know your experiences

Why am I not surprised that RobMV03 only has one post? :dubious:

Okay. I didn’t believe this stuff could be true but I ordered a free sample and I was amazed. I have no idea how it works so well other than it binds to even the most narrow and invisible hair. The free sample was enough for about five applications… Maybe more if you figure it out faster than I did. (I wasted a lot in figuring out the best way to apply it) I took my sample in when I got my hair cut and had the beautician apply it to my freshly cut hair just to show it off. Before long EVERYONE in the salon was over looking at my hair lol. They were all amazed.

It works. But unlike one of the previous posts, I do use hair spray on it. If you use hairspray and you scratch your head, it toasts the application because it does come out in sections. If my natural hair would behave I’d go without the hair spray.

There are other brands on he market that do the same thing but I haven’t tried them. What I can tell you is I spent about $50 a month on Rogain for a year and it didn’t work for me. This stuff makes me look like I have a full head of natural hair and at less than half the cost of Rogain and without the chemicals. I feel naked without it now!

If you’re curious, try it or one of the other similar products. I think they all give free samples. You’re only out the shipping cost if you don’t like it.