Cacophony at Queen's Park

I’ve been on and around this venerable patch of land today, to get to my classes; nearby, on the bridge that leads south, there appears to be an accident down near the Parliament buildings (sirens are wailing, police, fire, and ambulance are involved) and traffic is clogged.

OK. I understand that you (drivers) are all really impatient and have places to get to as soon as possible. I understand that it’s frustrating and time-consuming. Really, I do.

But for the love of sweet and merciful Og, will you PLEASE all stop honking your horns! It’s been going on for an hour now! It’s a blaring, jarring, raucous, discordant, effin’ loud piece of chaos and it’s giving me (and many others) the migraine of the century!


Maybe Canada won the world cup?

Nah, but Bush did leave Ontario.

[potential “woosh”?]
If they did, I can’t find it on the news…
[/potential “woosh”?]


And good riddance to bad rubbish!

Yeah I was going to say that myself, but figured why knock this thread off the rails at the second post.

Sign at border:

“Everybody brings joy to this province. Some by arriving, and others by leaving.”


You could have kept him.

Wasn’t Cacophony at Queen’s Park the title of Blind Faith’s never-released second album?

So these are the people who weren’t using all five fingers to wave at Bush?

I believe you have to blame the film industry. I heard they were staging a protest at Queens park begging the tax payers to give Hollywood types more money… Feh on them. If it is wrong to give Winnipeg and Quebec City money to save Canadian Hockey teams I don’t see why we should give money to rich Hollywood actors.

My understanding was that it was a demonstration by the film industry. God, was it a racket. I got practically no work done this morning, and what I did accomplish was between curses.

Doesn’t Ontario get enough film and TV production as it is?

Rube, I hear you. Oh, I hear you.

Kythereia, who is now nursing a very bad headache

Not any more. What with the fall of the US dollar and all, it looks like Hollywood is un-offshoring its productions.

Maybe we’ll have to continue with the hard work of creating our own voice again. I’m still wondering whether disconnecting Canada from US domestic film distribution would be a good idea…

[sub] TronnaDope 11th December! [/sub]

:: offers Kythereia a headache pill and a custom-blended smoothie ::

Ditto. We got the pleasure (hah) of hosting him today.

The parade grounds was packed, and then some, with protesters. I got free hot chocolate out of it though :smiley:

Bridge at Queen’s Park? Where is it? (Been a while since I have been down that way.)

The bridge is on the left side, carrying southbound Queens Park Crescent over the access road to the university (Hoskin Ave?). This road separates the Legislature building from Queens Park itself, and connects to Wellesley street through traffic lights at northbound Queens Park Crescent on the other side of the oval.

You, sir, are a sweetheart. :slight_smile: