Cafe Tablet TEKBK & Light Speed Library

Is anyone aware of a new website that’s designed to be not only a modern-day coffee table book on a tablet on a table at a cafe, but conceived and constructed to replicate an ancient temple, as well? It’s caffeine’s couseine. It’s synaptic steroids. It’s glyph notes, mnemonic memoirs, cyber active sculptures, graphic organizers, and digital scrolls; all about just about all there is to know about. Meaning, it’s about 1:1.618; The Golden Ratio, Extreme Mean, Golden Section (Golden Spirals, Angles, Rectangles, Pyramids, Pentagons, Circles), the Greek letter Phi, the one and only DIVINE PROPORTION, so called FOR A REASON! How many out there in straight dopedom ever even heard of it before now? I’ll bet every single one of you know the value of Pi, but the significance of Phi? SIGNIFICANCE HAS PHI AT ITS’ ROOT. And so does everything else in existence, including all the fora on this site since 1973, in one form or another, LIKE FORUM AND FORM (I CAN GO ON FOREVER)!!! But I won’t, so check it out.
Also, I got on here searching for the identity of the guy standing behind and to the left of Dr. MLK, Jr. during his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. Now, I’m trying to track down a founder called ‘Tamerlane’ to find out the reasoning behind a user name from the Mongol who was called ‘The Sword of Islam’ for butchering 17,000,000 people, probably second only to Stalin. More recently, the name of the older brother in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Just curious, that’s all, as I’ve been for the past half century, and all I’ve learned is on display, everyday, at the Cafe.

I don’t know what this is.

There was a lot of weed involved.

Consider switching to decaf.

Not sure WHAT this is. I’m moving it to MSPIMS, for truth in advertising purposes. From Cafe Society.

It’s like Time Cube for the next Generation: