Caffeinated and Vitamin E shampoo

Nowadays you can buy shampoo infused with caffeine and/or vitamin E.

Surely I’m not alone in thinking that caffeine and/or vitamin E in the eyes is a bad thing? (Any shampoo product will inevitably get in someone’s eyes at some point.)

Shampoo ingredients are generally not designed to go in the eyes (although as you point out, it will happen occasionally). Any reason to think that caffeine or Vitamin E is going to be more dangerous to your eyes than the detergent that’s already in the shampoo?

W…hy? Why would it be any worse than, say, in the hair?

For the same reason lots of things that go on your hair are going to be much more benign than going in your eyes?

Vitamin E drops in the eyes were investigated as part of a treatment for glaucoma a few years ago.

I can kind of see vitamin E, but why would anyone want caffeinated shampoo? It’s not like you can absorb caffeine through your scalp, right?

There’s a theory that caffeine can stimulate hair follicles to “manage” their activity (aka, make you “not bald” as easily). AFAIK, the science is speculative, at best. But hey - getting direct espresso shots to the cornea will wake you up in the morning! :slight_smile:

I was informed in a thread here some time ago that caffeine can, in fact, be absorbed “topically.”