Caffeine source is a great place to find the latest high-caffeine beverages.

They have several that aren’t mentioned here, so I think Cece needs to do an update, please. Jolt probably isn’t on top anymore, plus it comes in 5 flavors now; that alone deserves an update.

Say, you know, we could have a better discussion if we knew what column you were talking about. Personally, my legs are too tired to hike all the way over to the Archives.

Bring the column in question up on your screen, Copy the URL, and Paste it into the Reply window here; the Magical Marvelous vBB software will automatically make it into a link for you.


DDG, the exercise would be good for you. Get off that couch!

The article being discussed is
Which soft drinks have the most and least caffeine? (21-Jul-1999)

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P.S. Speaking of exerice, another interesting column (this time a Straight Dope column):
If I get my heart pumping with caffeine, is that good aerobic exercise?

The Staff Report (only then it was called “Mailbag Answer”) wasn’t written by Cecil, but by … ahem… Son of Dex. He has no interest in an update.