Cake decorations gone awry

Inspired by this Snopes article and a recent experience of my own.

I recently left my job at the Public Defender’s office to go into private practice with a friend of mine. My last day of work coincided with my Birthday.

The office staff bought a cake for me at one of the local grocery stores, and told the baker to write on it “Happy Birthday, you traitor.” All very tongue-in-cheek.

However, the decorator instead wrote “Happy Birthday, you trader.”

That’s not exactly rolling around on the floor funny, but we got a huge kick out of it.

And you?

My name is Angelique but my nickname since childhood has been Angel. Everyone calls me Angel and virtually no one calls me Angelique, so- as you can imagine- my birthday cakes would often reflect that.

Well, they were supposed to. Just about every single year, my cakes purchased at the bakery would say: “Happy Birthday, Angle!”

Yeah, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the lame, old joke, “Hey, at least you’re acute angle! haha!” :smack:

(I’m always astonished when people can’t spell “Angel” right. I mean, it’s a noun. A noun we use a lot, particularly at Christmas time and yet. . . always wrong. Even as an adult, people at Starbucks regularly misspell it as “Angle” on my cups).

When we went to pick up our wedding cake at the Safeway bakery, it had a very large yellow icing umbrella on it. See, we had picked out a nice and simple shower cake design - white frosting with blue flowers in the corners. Unfortunately, they had TWO shower cake designs available, and somehow the decorator got the wrong idea about ours. I took a deep breath or two, and asked them politely if there was something they could do about the large yellow umbrella on my wedding cake. I think they broke some kind of record for re-frosting a cake. :smiley: (It turned out very nice, and the cake was delicious. And free. Did I mention free?)

It was the summer of 1970. My best buddy’s girlfriend make a cake. For frosting she decided to use that then brand new item, soft margarine.
She whipped up a batch and was amazed at just how easy it was to spread. The cake was done in nothing flat.
We went out for a couple of hours. when we got back there was a naked cake with a puddle of frosting on the plate. :smack:

Not quite the effect she was going for.

Oh, this reminds me…not about icing, but engraving…fortunately my boss was engraving this for a personal gift for someone, but stilll, it was in the middle of a long saying, on a piece she couldn’t replace…she engraved “sheltering angle” instead of “Sheltering angel”. I saw her mistake too late to stop the machine. And then I didn’t tell her, because she was already stressed out about misengraving a customer’s order, and you could make a case for the word going either way…it was some vaguely Irish-y blessing thing about always having sunlight and moonbeams and gentle rain and a sheltering angle (to wait out storms) would make some sense…

I decorated cakes at a Wal-Mart. A guy came in, the rabbi of the local synagogue, to order some cupcakes for a children’s Purim party. Simple white icing, with a blue Star of David on each cupcake. He took pains to explain that the SoD has six points, because the last year, when he ordered the same thing, he’d gotten the cupcakes with a five point star. I got it right but I can’t help wondering which decorator had been so ignorant, to not know the Star of David is six-pointed.

I bought my daughter’s bassinet second-hand (“used for about 6 weeks”, I think the ad said) and I immediately got out the quick-unpick and re-embroidered the pillow, so it read “Little Angel”, rather than “Little Angle”! My Dad had the same joke about being acute. I told him to stop being so obtuse!!!