Cal Thomas vs Pat Robertson or They Eat Their Own

In a recent column Cal Thomas chides Mr. Robertson for being a hypocrit for owning a race horse.

The following quote sounds like something some posters here would say rather than from Cal. Gotta give him points for this:

The ethical theology, if I can call it that, adopted by the leading families of Virginia as to what’s acceptable and what is not, is intriguing. Pat, as most people who haven’t researched him out are not aware, is the son of a prominent Virginia politician, who coincidentally lost a race for a U.S. Senate seat to William Spong, the cousin of John Shelby Spong. (No wonder he’s interested in bloodlines!;))

I didn’t know Pat had gotten into the faith healing ministry (for people or horses).

It also shows that God has a sense of humor, that the hurricane he predicted for Gay Day at Disney World hit Virginia Beach instead.

Yeah, Robertson has been in the faith-healing scam business for many years. He’s one of the most despicable people in America – a man with his economic and educational background who earned a fortune by swindling poor, ignorant, gullible people.

Cal Thomas has far-right views, but he’s not a moral scum-bucket like Pat Robertson.

Well, Cal Thomas is a fundamentalist premillenialist and Pat Robertson is a pentacostal postmillenialist (or he acts postmillenialist, at least), so it’s not really a suprise they wouldn’t like each other. It’s not like, in general, fundamentalists are big fans of faith healing, speaking in tongues, and all that.

I think that Edgar Cayce correctly predicted that one.:wink:

Doesn’t he sell that Pat Robertson Miracle Tonic stuff on his show?

And, Pat, Pat-Pat baby! That plaid sports jacket has got to GO!

Into horse racing is he?

Wasn’t he also a director of Laura Ashley, the pre-raphaelite womenswear company? A fellow director (or part owner?) was/is a guy called Khoo Kay Peng - a Malaysian mega-millionaire who is a member of a very exclusive group of hyper rich Christians in that part of the world. And I think he tried to start up an Internet bank with Bank of Scotland.

Didn’t someone once say something about how you can’t serve both God and Mammon?

"Dr Robertson’s views on gays, women and liberals were considered by many to be unacceptable and the public outcry prompted him to label Scotland as a “dark land” over-run by homosexuals.

The Bank of Scotland severed its links with Dr Robertson, at a reported cost of around £2m to the bank. . ."

BBC website January 27, 2000

Not all, but some, tend to eat their own.

Or at the very least, kick them while their down.

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As to the OP . . . I can do a little deconstruction.

As odious as I find Mr. Robertson, I don’t know that I see the hypocrisy. Ol’ Cal doesn’t cite Robertson decrying gambling, and while I’m sure he’s done so in the past, I find it an odd omission.

Secondly, Thomas ridicules Robertson for pretending that horse racing doesn’t involve gambling. He says, “It is shocking, SHOCKING, to learn that most other people go to the track to gamble. Who knew? All that praying turns out to have been for a horse to win, place or show.” Except that he doesn’t quote Robertson expressing any surprise at all. All Robertson says is, in essence, some people gamble, he doesn’t. Period.

Thirdly, the Deuteronomy reference is irrelevant. What on earth are you thinking, Cal? Oh, right, you don’t.

Fourthly, the usual Thomas arrogance and poison emerge this time in a holier-than-thou screed that “Some in evangelical Christian circles go to great lengths to avoid even the ‘appearance’ of sin.” And others don’t, Cal. You’re not better than anyone for having what you perceive to be higher moral standards. (Admittedly, I’m reading between the lines in the penultimate two paragraphs. I freely admit my now-obvious bias against Thomas.)

Finally, the last 'graph was . . . well, actually I liked the last paragraph. It was pretty unsupported, but that’s not a surprise with Thomas, who relies far more heavily on emotional appeal than evidence. Nevertherless, I laughed at it, dammit.

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