Calcium channel blocker for migraines?

My doctor just prescribed for me Sibelium (Flunarizine) for the prevention of migraines. I am afraid, though, that this medicine is making me stupid. For example, I forgot to shave this morning. I went to my office unshaven. Doh! Does anyone have experience taking calcium channel blockers for migraine prevention? Have you suffered cognitive side effects from these medications? I am particularly interested in people taking Sibelium, if there are any. Thanks in advance.


I took verapamil (a calcium channel blocker) for migraines years ago, along with atenolol, and the doctor I was seeing then just kept upping the dose of each when they didn’t help.
Atenolol is for high blood pressure, and my BP is normally on the low side, so I was sluggish and stupid-feeling. I’d wake up in the morning and just sit on the side of the bed and think, “Now what?” I’d have to force myself to get up and shower and get dressed and get ready for work - everything was a real effort. It was like I was in a constant fog.
I don’t remember the dosage of the verapamil, but I do remember the atenolol was up to 100 mgs a day. My mother and MIL were both on it for high blood pressure and were each just taking 25 mgs. I think it was the combination of the two that made me feel that way.
I stopped seeing that doctor and went to a neurologist for my migraines.

Obviously, IANADoctor, but if you feel the meds are not working, talk to your doctor about it. As I said, I ended up seeing a neurologist for my migraines, and am currently taking Topamax. It’s been a real Godsend.

Actually, the first neurologist I saw wanted to put me on Topamax, but I did some research and so many people complained of such serious cognitive side effects that I decided not to take it.

It’s too early to tell if the Sibelium is working or not, or if the fatigue/stupidity is transient or here for the duration. I guess I’ll find out.

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Yeah, there are some weird side effects (tinglings in the hands and feet and searching for words), but I put up with it in the beginning because the neuro was so convinced it would work for me. I started taking it several years ago as part of a trial study - before it was prescribed for the mainstream public.
One instance I remember was not being able to remember the word ‘marsala,’ as in Chicken Marsala - which is one of my favorite things. I should have been able to remember it.
I was trying to tell my mother about the food we’d had at a dinner and I just totally blanked on the word ‘marsala.’ I said, “You know, that chicken with the brown wine sauce and mushrooms…” and she said, “Chicken Marsala?”
I said, “Yeah, that’s it!”
It really creeped me out at first, but I knew it could happen.

But the Topamax has cut the number of migraines, and also lessened the severity of them. I used to get several a month, and they’d knock me out for a day or two. Now it’s down to one or two every six months or so.
The word-searching thing has gone away, almost. It still happens on occassion, and I still get that weird pins-and-needles tingly feeling in my hands and feet, but it’s gone away for the most part, too. It was definitely worth it, IMO.