Calculating distance from lat/long

I am making a signpost thingie for my yard that will have directional arrows pointing toward places I like, along with the distance in miles/kilometers. For example, there will be a Hilton Head, SC arrow and a Sint Maarten arrow. I will use a compass to approximate the direction each sign points, but how do I determine distance?

I have entered the locations into GoogleEarth, so I have the longitude/latitude for each point, as well as the lat/long for my house. How do I go from that to distance?


Here ya’ go:

Thanks! Easier than I could have dreamed.

Another source of data.

How Far Is It?

Use the measuring tool… it’ll get you “close enough” to the center of a city, and when you zoom in on the path, you’ll get a good indication of the “great circle route departure bearing.” The measuring tool defaults to showing a great circle when you measure long distance across the globe.

The next time you are in need of these type of calculations but have lost the above links, search for “Great Circle Calculation”.


I like pie, not pi!

Google Earth has a Ruler tool on the toolbar that will tell you the distance.