Calculating my weight with no scales

I don’t own any scales and don’t want to buy any scales, but I have a questionnaire asking me for my weight. This doesn’t need to be super accurate but I want it to be reasonable. I was assuming there would be at least one site that would give an estimate based on height and waist size, as all I want is a reasonable estimate, but looking everywhere I can’t find one. Anybody know a site that can give me a reasonable estimate of my weight based on only things I can measure without scales?

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This isn’t the answer you were asking for, but pharmacies often have scales in them (at least in some places in the world)

Alternatively, there’s this, which does seem to be what you asked for: Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

EDIT: Sorry, no it isn’t. It only calculates a ratio, then tells you how bad that is.

Invite various friends to the playground and use the see-saw to see where you fall among your friends whose weights, hopefully, are known to them.

Average human density is 1.01–1.03, or in that ball park anyways. Problem solved!

Please extrapolate better. What site do I go to, what figure will they give me and how to I use that figure to estimate weight?

See the PDF above. That one is for males. Look up your age group in Table III and read off the density. Then make like Archimedes, or else estimate your volume based on your height.

\text{mass} = \text{volume} \times \text{density}

Is there a time in your adult life that you did know your precise weight? Find a photo of yourself from then and compare it to yourself now.

Only way I can think to do this reliably would be to submerge yourself in a tub of water and mark the level change and then do some math.

But, you’d have to know the dimensions of the tub pretty well.

You can drag the bmi around until the visual is to your liking.

The weight adjusts accordingly. But man, that image seems really flattering to me.

All you need is a bathtub and an empty container of known volume. Fill the tub with water, mark the level. Immerse yourself and then mete out water (probably your toilet is within easy reach) until the level matches what it was before you were in it. The total volume of water you displaced multiplied by the density of water will be your mass (or weight depending on units).

No, I’ve never known my weight, or up until now any reason to care.

My comment was before you edited in the PDF. Even with the PDF it’s not a site that will calculate it for me,.

This type of post is not helpful. I’m looking for a simple site that will give a rough estimate, not looking to go throughg such a ridiculous process.

Have you never been to a doctor?

Getting weighed is usually a part of the basic visit.

Yes, unfortunately it is not an auto-calculator. But a rough estimate of your volume is just 18 times the square of your height. Depending. Alternatively, estimate the weight directly using the “BMI” calculator site, it’s not going to be much simpler than that.

Haven’t seen a doctor in 20 years.

Your weight will most likely be within 10% of the average weight for you height. If you have an extraordinarily large waist size maybe add 5% more. That’s as accurate as you can estimate.

Most people get an a fairly accurate weight and realize it takes a while for that to change by much and can usually estimate about 5 to 10 lbs. under their actual weight without a problem. So if you care go find some scales.

Seconding the advice of looking for a pharmacy that has scales. And if this isn’t an option, don’t you have some friends, acquaintances or family who own bathroom scales you could use?