Calculating water leakage in pipes

An mscl pipe with 150mm diameter with the length of 1000m filled with water and pressured to 16 bars. After 24 hours, the pressure drop to 15 bars. How to calculate the volume of water loss against 1 bar pressure drop

  1. Is this homework?
  2. I don’t think there’s enough information to solve (i.e. - how is it pressurized? Is there an air gap?)

In practice, you measure water leakage in a pipe by using a positive-displacement pump to maintain a constant pressure in the pipe over a period of time, then simply measure the volume of makeup water that the pump used.

I suppose the stated question could be solved, but it’s much simpler to do it the way I’ve described in the previous paragraph. After all, you need a pump in either case if you’re going to pressurize the pipe.

You would need to know the amount of air in the system, and how much the pipe would expand.

There is really no way to accurately measure the leak. With some expierance a persson could SWAG it.