Cali Security Deposit: 21 Day - Anybody Do This?

According to California Civil Code 150.5 the landlord of a rental property has 21 calendar days to return your security deposit and/or an itemized list of deductions. If the have not done so then he must return the security deposit in full. Well, I have been out of my place for almost four weeks now, so I am thinking I should get my security deposit back.

Have any Dopers had any luck doing this?


Log off the dope. You still have 15 - 20 minutes before 5 o’clock - CALL WHOEVER HANDLES YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT. The office or your landlord or whoever.

Start out nice if that’s your persona - but DEMAND your security deposit back. Immediately. Quote your statute if you want - but be sure to let them know that four weeks is absolutely unfuckingacceptable. Tell them they’re lucky you’re not suing for freaking interest!

Four weeks?! I would be livid (especially knowing how hefty a security deposit can be in California).

Get the wheels moving.

I had to drag a previous landlord into court to get anything.

Having a judgment in your favor does not automatically mean they’ll pay, unfortunately.