[California] Central Valley Dopefest-date and place

Let me know if you can make it, I may need to make reservations.
Looking forward to meeting you all.

Date- Nov 1 2008 Saturday 11:00am
Place- P.Wexford’s
3313 McHenry’s Ave
Modesto, Ca

Nope, sorry, I can’t. Another time!

Thank you, but I cannot make it either.

A “central valley” should be somewhere in the midwest.

Thanks Boyo Jim.
I used your post to ask a mod to edit the title.

You’re welcome.

BTW, I can’t make it either, in California.

Z.R. Test and I are tentative yesses. He’s just starting a new job and isn’t sure if he can get that, or any other day off, and I have to make sure I have child care available, but pending those two things, we’ll be there.

I am most likely out for this round. It makes me sad but I usually work on the 1st so unless I miraculously am not working, I won’t be there.

Tentative yes for Cyn and guest.

OK, I’m not too late, just in the wrong thread.

I’m in.

Looks like I’ll be missing this one.

Tentative yes.

Thanks, but won’t be able to make it. That would be fun…

Reminder bump.