California Child Molester had 36,000 victims?

Link right here.

How does that work, exactly? The story said he was at it for 30 years. At a kid a day, that would amount to 100 years of molesting, give or take. Over 30 years, he’d have to have molested 3 kids a day more or less. Something tells me there is more – or less – to this story than meets the eye.

And oh, yeah, he’s apparently been arrested several times for child molesting in various states. If he has indeed done what he is said to have done, can we lock him up for good this time? Maybe figure out how he got out all those other times and see that it doesn’t happen again? I understand the reason he wasn’t on the sex offender list was that he didn’t choose to register – apparently, it’s up to the offenders to register themselves. Probably works with the ones who are trying to go straight. But maybe not with guys like Schwartzmiller. Perhaps you should look into that.

I too was amazed to hear in this story’s intial reports that simply not registering had allowed him to continue to violate unmonitored. With the legs this story is going to generate, hopefully that’ll change.

About the number, it does sound huge and my first inclination was that maybe this was the number of times the guy had gotton off fantasizing about kids too, that hopefully the perv additionally had documented all his masturbation events. I mean 30,000 encounters? How could he afford that? Geez I hope it’s something like that because the notion it’s real is too disturbing to contemplate.

The article I read suggested that many of the entries were cross referenced under different headings. So one incident might be recorded in 5 or 6 different places. Still awful of course, but it might help to explain the huge number being reported.

Gee, I hope they’re not too rough on him – can’t they give a guy a 36,001[sup]st[/sup] chance?

Maybe he was trying to outdo* Wilt Chamberlain and lost track of the numbers.


  • Not that the two kinds of sexual tastes compare at all, of course. Usual caveats apply.

This was in the San Jose Mercury News this morning. There’s no indication that he actually molested all 36,000 kids listed in the notebooks. Some of them may have simply been names of potential targets.

Not that this changes the fact that this guy should have been locked up a long time ago, and will hopefully be locked up now for the rest of his pathetic life.

It’s a good bet his case won’t get all the airplay Michael Jackson’s did.

Perhaps he had a big warehouse, full to the brim with kids…

what d’you mean, sick?

It’s true, some people NEED killin’.

“We’ve replaced his regular coffee with this sexy, sexy six-year-old. Let’s watch.”