California falls into the ocean. What happens to US politics?

The most obvious is that Presidential elections are suddenly very different, with the 55 electoral college votes from California no longer (almost) guaranteed to the the Democratic nominee. I’d imagine that you’d see much more campaigning in smaller states than you do now (although things may not be so different from what happens now, considering California has not gone to the Republican nominee since Reagan was running).

But what about other political effects? What are the consequences of California no longer being a factor in US politics?

What about the effects on US law? California currently plays a big part in 9th Circuit jurisprudence. Certainly you’d see the other districts (especially Washington and Alaska) playing a bigger role.

Given the prominence of Silicon Valley (broadly defined) and Hollywood, such a development would be devastating for the economy and the trade balance. You would have just destroyed a major engine of US economic growth and technological development. The closest technological substitute would be Massachusetts.

Luckily the US would still have the world’s financial capital, New York City. They have a large media presence as well, though probably not large enough to replace Hollywood.

Washington state and Oregon become much more influential due to the amount of shipping that will have to be diverted to their ports, as Oakland, Santa Barbara & other California ports are no longer available. More shipping means more business means more money for those states.

Like, a meteor? It’d be a disaster on an historic scale. Hard to predict what would shake out of that.

Would it push the rest of the U.S. toward conservatism, given California’s liberal leanings? Would the pro-life movement get the new momentum it needs to triumph, and would gay rights suddenly stall, just as victory appeared inevitable?

I’m afraid a lot of people would take it as a sign of God’s Judgement, and shy away from progressivism. Massachusetts would have to shoulder the burden alone…

(Doggone, another spelling boner. I always thought it was Massachussetts!)

You’d also see a big increase in business at Nevada ports.

It moves to the right.

No you guys don’t understand. When the big one hits everything East of the San Andreas fault falls in the Atlantic.

So if a massive disaster hit the Heartland, would the religious loonies take it as God’s Punishment for conservatism ?

Strangely enough, no… Remember Fallwell and the hurricane he predicted would annihilate Disney World? Didn’t happen. But when storms hit his town of Lynchburg…no comment.

“One wonders how one augur may pass another in the street without laughing.”


I think that if only the parts of California on the Pacific side of the San Andreas fault floated off, the remainder of the state on the North American Plate side might actually be a red state.

I don’t see why - most films haven’t been shot in Hollywood for years, they shoot in Vancouver, New Zealand, on location, damned near everywhere else. The end of the old school Studio System basically rolled up shooting in Hollywood - it is cheaper to film pretty much anywhere else. I think the only thing that shoots in Hollywood any longer is television stuff that is in specific studios.

And I don’t see why we actually need silicon valley, you can plunk down programmers anywhere there are computers [more or less.] You could plunk down a brand new silicon valley in Ajo AZ if you freaking want to. All it needs is high speed internet, electricity and a facility with a shitload of desks and caffeine.

Actually, the main advantage of Hollywood and Silicon Valley is a wide and deep talent pool. Financial companies are in New York because other financial companies are in New York and they can draw on the workers who are there… because the jobs are there. This is triply true for Hollywood, given the wide variety of skills needed to assemble a movie and the transient nature of each project. Ditto for Silicon Valley: you need engineers together for R&D, not to mention VC guys. So admittedly, yeah, a lot of that could relocate to coastal Nevada and perhaps the southern coast of Oregon.

Fox blames Obama.

Not if the west coast falls into the ocean.

I think if I were going to start an industry, I would place it where the people need jobs and the local political unit could be convinced to give me a short tax and fee break. I would also pick a right to work state because I absolutely detest the whole ‘if one worker is union then everybody HAS to be union’ which takes away the right to work without being forced into a union. [why yes, bitter much … all that money in dues for absolutely no benefit.]

And there are talented people in the various movie crafts who do not happen to live in California. cough Vancouver and New Zealand cough

Lex Luthor suddenly becomes a billionaire.

I was sitting in the Hollywood Hawaiian Hotel
I was staring in my empty coffee cup
I was thinking that the gypsy wasn’t lyin’
All the salty margaritas in Los Angeles
I’m gonna drink 'em up

And if California slides into the ocean
Like the mystics and statistics say it will
I predict this motel will be standing until I pay my bill

(Sorry, couldn’t resist. :))

Beat me to the punch, Accidental Martyr, though I guess you deserve to make the reference.

Guess I’m moving to Otisburg.

One of my favorite songs. I couldn’t help myself. :wink: