California Murder in Mexico?

Let me recount a half-remembered legal case. I do his in hope that someone can provide a link to it, so I can brush up on the facts. Further, I would appreciate your thoughts on the legal issues involved.

A guy goes to med school. He is a smart-assed know-it-all who graduates, but quickly looses his license as he knows better than anyone else and invents his own surgical procedures. He move to California where he does back alley SRS and who knows what else.

A Patient approaches him. Patient wants his leg lobbed off. (There is a name for the mental disorder, but it escapes me at present.) The Patient simply feels that the leg ‘doesn’t belong there.’

The Doc and the Patient drive to Mexico. With a Mexican surgeon in attendance (as required by local law) the Doctor chops off the guy’s leg. On their way back to the US, they toss the limb out of the car window. (Making for a most unusual day for a coyote, I guess.)

One thing follows another and the patient dies a few days later of post-surgical complications. California charges him with (and convicts him of) murder (manslaughter, whatever).

How can this be? The crime was committed in Mexico.

I hope I presented the facts correctly. Can someone provide a link?

I found this story about it. It seems a little garbled, like the editing was screwed up or something. I think it’s the case you’re talking about.

Pretty bad :eek: factor, eh?

This should give you some of the Justices reasoning. Because the agreement occured in CA.

There’s also this long article (from the LA Weekly) that discusses the wacky doctor in-depth.


Great links times two. Much thanks.

Creepy stuff.