California Proposes Legalizing Marijuana. [DUI Question]

Recently, a bill has been going through the California state legislature that will put a proposition on the November ballot that will allow for limited recreational use of marijuana. The pot will be heavily taxed and be treated just like any other agricultural product from the state. Recent polls have the proposed proposition passing by a narrow margin.

Personally, I know several “pot heads”. Some appear psycho when stoned, some are totally clueless and pathetically dumb, some become very alert and intellectual. Like alcohol usage, people react in various ways while under the influence of these drugs.

We all know that pot stays in the bloodstream for an much more extended period of time than alcohol does. When the pee or hair test is administered, a positive test can be detected from pot usage from weeks prior.

So, that being said, how can an accurate test be taken from someone who is driving under the influence of marijuana? The is nothing under the proposed CA legislation stipulating any recourse for driving under the influence of marijuana.

I would love all feedback but especially from those truly in the know like law enforcement and medical professionals. Thanks.

Same recourse as in place now, Driving while Impaired.

And residue in blood does not mean it is at the threshold that you are stoned, just like there is a minor amount of alcohol that is below the buzzed threshold [people naturally can make microscopic amounts of alcohol, and regular alcohol when drunk normally it is removed from the bloodstream by filtration over time, it doesn’t just magically stay in the bloodstream and go POOF after 1 hour and 54 seconds…]

I for one thinks it is about time it gets legalized. In my eyes it is no worse than sitting there with a beer and a cigarette. Only reason I didn’t smoke it was I got the same effect from alcohol and alcohol was legal. Then it became a need to keep a clearance to keep working, then it was to keep working due to the possibility of random drug testing. I am actually of the opinion that what I do away from work is none of their business as long as I do not show up to work impaired.

I think the OP is asking whether a reliable & practical test exists to detect whether a marijuana-user driver is “impaired”.

There is no objective test that definitively determines current intoxication or inebriation of cannabis that I am aware of. Subjective factors such as bloodshot and glassy eyes, dilated pupils, and most importantly the smell can be used together to offer evidence of intoxication.

IANAL, YANAL, YANMC, this is the internet etc etc.

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