California Quake. You OK?

Level 4 or so quake.

Near Riverside.

You ok?
Any damage?

That’s like 3 decent sized quakes in SoCal and 3 in NorCal in the past few weeks or so.

What in the hell is going on here?

4.0? An earthquake that size, there’s not going to be much damage anywhere that’s not practically on top of the epicenter. Seriously, there have been six earthquakes stronger than that in North America in the past week (most of them in Alaska).

I felt the shaking here in Riverside, very briefly.

Crap! Didn’t feel a thing. I hate missing a good earthquake.
[sup]Actually I was in the bathroom…uh…taking a…I mean…taking care of business, when it hit and I didn’t notice anything unusual.[/sup]

I think there was a bigger one than that in Reno yesterday.

Still…sure does seem to be a lot of them lately. Don’t know what that means, if anything, but the last time there was a big ugly quake in California, it was reported that about 25,000 people moved from California to here in Las Vegas within a month.

I’ll have a cold beer waiting for you guys if it gets that bad.

There was a 3.0 in on the New Madrid fault in Southern Illinois earlier this morning. That makes three on that fault in the past week, and getting bigger.

Now THAT is scary! Seriously…Southern Illinois is not known as a major quake zone, but I believe the largest earthqake ever in the continental United States was in that area - granted, that was long before the area was settled.

But with that recent earthquake in Kentucky and now more in Southen Illinois, that would make me nervous.

Fifth largest in the US and largest in the lower 48, according to USGS. Happened in 1811 and 1812. It’s the one that made the Mississippi flow backwards, if you’ve ever heard that legend.

Just fine, thanks. Didn’t even feel it in Long Beach.

After many, many years in CA, I’d say it takes a 5+ quake on a fault directly under you to get much attention. I was about 5 miles from the epicenter of the Northridge quake and just got a ‘roller coaster ride’.

Personally, I’ll take quakes over tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc., etc., that old Ma Nature sends us.

But thanks for asking. :smiley:

Aw, you guys are so blasé. How do you know that the gods aren’t just tuning the accuracy of their Smite buttons?

I’ve never felt an earthquake, and I expect to freak if I ever do. Or get motion sickness.

Eh, most quakes are over before you even have time to register what’s happening. I’ve never even had time to run to a doorway or climb under a desk.

I must admit to being a little nervous about a New Madrid quake. I seriously doubt my apartment is built to withstand a powerful earthquake. If there’s ever another quake like those in 1811 and 1812, there is going to be massive destruction. In California, people prepare for earhquakes. In the Midwest, people act like it’ll never happen again.

the new madrid seems to be wiggling its toes. although the magnitude is down a bit from last week.

what is going on in montana?? 3.2? that is a bit odd.

I don’t even notice 4.0 quakes any more unless I’m right on top of them. Comes from being a native to California. I guess. This one was 15 miles away, and I didn’t feel a thing.

They must have pretty bad aim, since they’ve spread the quakes over a good 700 miles or so … I’m not nervous…

Montana is pretty active seismically:

My mom mentioned today–and before the last quake as well–that it was earthquake weather. And then the quakes happened just an hour or so after she made the comment. I asked her somewhat jokingly not to mention it again, because the universe can hear her.

 I don't think I felt it, but I live near a Home Depot and they were making so damn much noise today that I couldn't tell the difference.

After much toil and trouble, we’ve accepted our fait, the gods are gonna do what the gods are gonna do. The virgin sacrifices were a particularily bad idea, though. So messy!

Earthquakes are kind of fun until they’re not. Which doesn’t happen very often. This one was like a big truck driving by.

I’m off to search the archives. This bundle of earthquakes reminds me of ‘earthquake weather’. I need some ‘splainin’.

Fait? While a word in french, true, there’s no way I can spin that to make me look better. I are a kolleg graduwait.