California Steampunk Convention - anyone else going?

I’ve been getting pretty excited about this lately, and it seemed like the sort of event that’d be intriguing to this crowd. So, anyone going? Got any amazingly awesome projects going on? Kickass costumes?

Me, I’m working on a few things. I got a double-breasted waistcoat that I just need to take in a bit, and I’m also working on a pipe, though that’s on hold awaiting a new bandsaw blade. I’d also like to do a pair of spectacles, although I’m a little unsure of materials - I’ve heard good things about red brass, but I’m a little unsure of it’s stiffness with regard to ear pieces. I’m thinking I might opt for a monocle instead, to avoid that issue. Alternatively, goggles are always appropriate, but time may prevent such.

Anyone else have stuff to share?

Hi there.

I learned something new today (fighting ignorance and all that jazz).

I Googled 'steampunk" and now I know. Thanks!

I have always wondered just what the heck ‘steampunk’ is and now through the wonders of google and wiki, I know.

Now, she asks hesitantly, what are some good steampunk reads?

My favorite is Girl Genius.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was also more than a bit steampunk.

Check this thread, this one, this one, this one, and this one. This site and this one have a few review of books. IMHO, stay the hell away from The Difference Engine novel by Bruce Sterling and whazzizname (William Gibson, I think). Utter crap.

Coolest pair of steampunk goggles I’ve seen yet.

Oh, yeah, runcible, I’m totally jealous that you’re going!

Jealous too, but I will be in Chicago. But from visiting the site, I learned about the brass band that will be performing at the dance! Score Christmas present for tuba-playing husband! (runcible spoon, please report if they’re any good?)

I’ll second Girl Genius as some excellent steampunk. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - entertaining steampunk, but I don’t know that I’d go so far as to call it good.

Those goggles are crazy! Titanium, custom polychromatic lenses, custom bolts! Yikes! I’m going the opposite road - I’ll probably cut lenses myself, and either get brass pipe from a plumbing store if I can, or just wrap a brass strip. I’m aiming for <$20, ideally. Including the glass cutter I bought yesterday…

And yeah, I’ll let you know about Brassworks.

Movie, or Graphic Novel?

I, too, am jealous.

BTW, for the goggles, consider leather. Get an old wide belt from goodwill and use that for the sides and straps. PVC pipe end-caps from a hardware store, along with some brass spraypaint (I recommend Krylon Fusion if you can get it) and you’re good to go. If you can get brass or copper end-caps in a large enough size, even better. The combo of leather and brass is good, IMO.

Very odd. One of my favorite novels ever, and one that introduced and popularized the very idea of steampunk. A fascinating and enjoyable alternate history read. What didn’t you like about it?

An “A-” review.

Ooh, movie. I’d forgotten that there was a graphic novel, which I have not read. My bad. Was the graphic novel good? Should I read it?

As for leather… well, I’d like to use some for straps and maybe around the lens casings, but I’m much more comfortable working with metal than leather. Which is why my initial thought was to do glasses instead of goggles.

The graphic novel is as good as the movie was bad.

If you want to read about Extraordinary Gentlemen thwarting Fu Manchu’s plot to steal Cavorite to power his Aerial Dreadnaught on an infernal mission to rain destruction down on London, pick up the book with great dispatch.

It was long, pointless, and rambling (don’t get me started on the ending). They also used waaaaay too many “cutesy” word constructions. “Linestreaming”? Come on. You can argue that certain word constructions only sound awkward because we’re used to the words being put together a different way, but there are some consistencies in how words are formed in the English language, and I cannot fathom anyway in which “linestreaming” would come about instead of “streamlining.”

Odd, I find leather much easier than metal. But whatever works best* for you* is the best material, I think. In which case, I recommend sheet brass - if there’s any hardware or craft outlet near you with a K&S Engineering display, you should be able to find the exact ight material there - strip brass for the sides, and I’d suggest tube brass for the frames.

Yep! Good God, was that book boring and stupid, and I was presold on the concept and am someone who reads everything he can by William Gibson.


We need a steampunk convention in Chicago. Or at least a ball. :frowning:

On the other hand, I’m modeling in a steampunk fashion show that same weekend (Nov. 2). Is there something particular to that date that goes with steampunk, or is it just because it’s Halloween and their figuring people will want to dress up anyway? (If it were me, I’d put a convention on a totally different date just so we’d have two perfectly valid excuses to dress up. :wink: )

Side note of squee: oh my god! My brand-new fully-custom Victorian corset arrived in the mail yesterday!! squeeeeeee!!
Steel boning. Hand beaded. Emerald green and black brocade. Yay!!

I won’t be there but my art will. Check out Winona Cookie Creations items at the Etsy Steam Team booth :). I wish I was going…

Whoa, imperial! We’ve needed one of these for a long time—and in my neck of the woods, to boot!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it this year, though…if not, maybe next time. (I sure as hell hope. :frowning: )

Affordable goggles. They also have ones with clear lenses.