Call Cecil at TAylor 8-0350

Bricker’s new Staff Report reminded me of a neat website I discovered a few years ago. It’s a bit unwieldy, but you can find the original name of almost any old telephone exchange there (or add it, if you know one that isn’t listed.)

The number in the thread title really is Cecil’s (well, the Chicago Reader’s), as you’ll find if you dial it with a Chicago area code (312).

Readers might find it interesting that the official magazine of the NYPD is called “Spring 3100”. This alludes to the telephone exchange and number of NYPD HQ in the '30s, when the magazine was started.

When I was growing up in NYC, my telephone exchange was Spring-7. I remember when it changed to 777.

The number “3100” is a sort of “inside NYPD” reference; whenever a generic NYPD badge or vehicle is depicted, it usually bears that number.

Link to the website?

Doh! I swore I put in the OP! :smack:

Here it is.

I can’t believe it took three days for anyone to notice. I guess people aren’t as interested in talking to Cecil as I thought!