call me a jerk - you jerk - spank

In this MPSIMS thread Pretender919 states in the op -

Bolding mine.
Which prompted

and that brought about -

There appears to be a conflict of actions here.

Which is a greater transgression: An op that requests personal insults in MPSIMS or a response that obliges that op?

Uh…the post responding. Do you not have big boy words of your own, that you were totally obligated to insult him because he asked you? Your post could have been said without the direct insult.

I don’t the the insult was from the BubbaDog. He’s asking a question about another poster.

That being said, I don’t think the rules change just because the OP says it’s ok.

The OP of that topic is new to these forums, so I don’t think he knows that the “Let 'er rip” forum is the BBQ Pit.
Other, long-time posters should know better, however.

Yep, I didn’t post at all in that forum.

But the decorum if not a rule was broken first by the op. It’s as if a poster posted in this forum the question," How do I make a chocolate milkshake?"
The content of the op would prompt a mod to move it to another forum.

Makes sense. Thanks.

Just my suggestion but it seems like the thread should have move to the Pit based on the op.

I like to call it the Oliver hardy Defense: “Now look what you made me do!”

“Why do you make me hit you?”

Sorry, I should have noticed the poster was different. My point still stands!

I have to say, after the “jerk - spank” title, this actual thread is a bit of a comedown.

Well, just to clear up any doubt I got a hold of some of them big boy words and have them ready in case I need them.

I prefer the Rob Anybody Defense:* “An’ things ha’ come to a pretty pass, ye ken, if people are going to leave stuff like that aroound where innocent people could accidentally smash the door doon and lever the bars aside and take the big chain off’f the cupboard and pick the lock and drink it!”*

Crivins! :smack:

And I prefer a dram or three from the boot flask before trying to quote things like that accurately. :smiley:

Where is that thread?

I agree with Bubba in that perhaps the thread would have been best moved.

Do please bear in mind that it’s agin the rules to insult people outside the Pit regardless of ones’ syntactical maturity.

So BubbaDog asks for feedback and opinion and your response is to insult him (“big boy words”)? Classy move.

Of course, I’m sure you would have been more polite had you figured out that he wasn’t talking about himself. No doubt.

Mod probably should have issued a note reminding everyone that despite what the OP says, insults of other posters are not allowed outside of the pit. Then anyone insulting -after- that gets a paddling.

“Call me a jerk” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it so directly. It would have been perfectly possible for Inna Minnit to make it clear he/she thinks ThePretender is acting like a jerk in that thread (link for DrDeth) without resorting to overly judgemental rantings that involve calling him “a waste of human skin”. The “Oliver Hardy defence” (I like it) would be even less appropriate than the post itself.


Not sure if that was a jejune syntactical error, or not.

If it’s any comfort to you, I got over it real fast.