Call Me at KLondike5-3412!

For those of us born in the latter half of the 20th Century, at one time people had cutesy “exchange names” at the beginning of their phone numbers, eventually Ma Bell decided that was a really stupid idea and got rid of it.

Well, thank’s to the internet, they’re back!

So gals, the next time some skeezix asks you for your phone number, just give him KLondike5-1212 (or similar) and watch the fun begin as he tries to figure out what the hell you mean. :smiley:

I think people would have to be a little better at old-timey public school stuff like spelling and geography for this to really catch on again. Your average person today is going to be stopped cold by a word like SUsquehanna where he’d expect a couple of easy digits like 7 8.