Call me nitpicky, but it is not pronounced "Los Angeleeez"

On the Official Irritation Scale (which I understand is kept by some cow emperor), right between repeatedly calling you by the name of someone you hate and playing country music in public, is grossly mispronouncing the name of your city - on television, by an announcer who darn well ought to know better. Look, if you don’t want to pronounce it Los Angeles (las an-gel-ess), then you darn well ought to be pronouncing it the Spanish way (Lohs Ahn-hell-ace). It is not, by any measure, intended to be pronounced Los Angeleeeeez. Now, I let that fly with Brits, but come on, you’re an american announcer, and for crying out loud, it’s LA! It’s not like it’s some po-dunk town in rural Montana that nobody’s every heard of!

I’m sure the Chicago residents can sympathize with me here.

Someone better tell Arlo Guthrie.

*Coming into Los Angeles
Bringing in a couple of keys
Don’t touch my bags if you please
Mister Customs Man

See OP, where I mention country music :wink:

Seriously though, the last two shows in a row on the history channel have had this fuckwit of an announcer. I mean, the story of the night stalker is interesting and all, but it’s REALLY grating on me at this point. Can’t fuckwit at least say L.A.?

Ooh, Ramirez was taken out by an angry mob, that’s pretty sweet (I was too young to remember much about it)

<<hoping the next show fuckwit announcer is doing doesn’t mention LA>>

For the record: the next one was also about LA, and fuckwit announcer finally said LA for a change.

Sort of like people calling Atlanta “Hotlanta”. It’s only mildly annoying, and if that’s the worst thing to happen all week, then I’ve had an excellent week.

Now, when someone says “…IRREGARDLESS”, that’s when my panties get in a twist, and my face goes into full Vlasic mode.

Arlo Guthrie = country music?

You must be young, ** Morrigoon**, if you don’t remember the late Sam Yorty (“Mayor Sam”) who always called it Los Angeleeez. If it pissed anybody off, it didn’t stop them from keeping him in office for twelve years (1961-1973).

It always jarred me a little to hear it, but it’s better than a president who says NU-KEW-LER. :wink:

Better tell Tom Petty, too :

Waiting by the side of the road
for day to break
so we can go
down into Los Angeles
with dirty hands
and worn-out knees

It’s almost like people in El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles del Río de Porciúncula want to change things all of a sudden!

Irregardless of this…

Don’t call it Frisco, despite “California Love.”

Sing it, pj!

I remember Mayor Sam. I’m pretty sure he pronounced it “Los Angle-less”.

I’ll second Desert Geezer. I don’t remember Sam Yorty, but some oldsters I know (who are natives of L.A.) pronounce it “Los Angeleeez” or “Los An-gulus”. (The “g” is like in “gus”.)

I think I’ve heard it pronounced this way sometimes in old movies. I haven’t kept track, though. These other pronunciations also sound “normal” to me, because so many older L.A. natives I know use them. However, I always pronounce it the “normal” way.

Yosemitebabe, I think I remember a Bogart movie where he pronounced it “Las Angle Lees.” The movie is so old that he gave a dollar for a tank of gas and got back change.

How would you pronounce “Knoxville”? Many of the natives pronounce it “Knoxvul” or even “Knoxful.”

You’d go nuts over here;)
We Brits have great problems with Michigan (pronounced as if there were a t before the ch) and New Orleans (all the emphasis ends up on the leans bit) among others. I have to confess however, that I still can’t quite bring myself to pronounce Houston ‘properly’. It just seems so wrong! Of course no American has ever pronounced Lancashire correctly (Lanky-she, as in shirt with no -rt, there’s no shire (like wire) sound)…

Worse than “Frisco” is “San Fran.” It’s such an ugly sound. Is it so hard to say all the syllables?

Also, East Coasters, that state north of California is called OR-e-gon, not o-re-GONE.

It’s better than Pixburgh. Yuck.

I didn’t notice the Los Angeleeeeeeeeeeze phenomenon until right after I read this thread and watched the History Channel’s “Infamous Murders”.
Were you watching Infamous Murders too Morrigoon?

Argh. Tell me about it. When I lived in the 'burgh, I wanted to throttle the life from everyone that pronounced it as such.

Ferchrissakes people, it’s your own goddamn city, PRONOUNCE IT CORRECTLY! And don’t get me started on the folks that say “Pennsivania.”

It’s not a pronounciation problem, but you’d be surprised how many times the following appears in print:

Forth Worth

And Andy, which way do you want to mispronounce Houston? HOWS-tuhn or YOUS-tuhn?