Call to Glory

So I have been looking for this series on DVD for the longest time, and surprise its not actually on DVD. It only lasted a single season, I dont know if it just did not generate enough interest for the network to order more, or if there were other reasons.

What other TV shows never made it to DVD, and does anyone know why this particular series never made the cut.


I don’t know why it wasn’t put on DVD, but, I can suspect…the first few shows were awesome, in the extreme…the last few sucked big, no, BIGTIME; so, that is why I suspect it wasn’t put onto DVD.

I’ve wished for a long time that Call to Glory would be released on DVD. I really like it at the time and would love to see it again.

There are many possible reasons it hasn’t. Complicated legal issues over ownership rights, costs of securing music rights of period music used in the show, or maybe they just don’t feel the demand is enough to turn a profit on producing a DVD set.