Calla Lilies and Orange Beetles

Those bright orange lily beetles have decimated all my day lilies, casablancas, and stargazer lilies. I had nothing but stems left last year. If anyone knows, would it be a waste of time to plant calla lilies? Do the pests chew those up, too? I’ve asked around here, but no one seems to know , or grow calla lilies at all.

According to this, Lilium - Wikipedia, it looks like they’re reproducing on your true lilies, which I guess would include the Stargazer, and opportunistically munching the other lilies. Maybe you could replace the plants from the Liliaceae family and see what happens?

Callas aren’t related to either day lilies or true lilies, so I’d give it a try.

Thanks for the information, I probably will go ahead and get some, what the heck. My husband loves calla lilies and wants to put them on the deck in containers.

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Would you plant true callas (Calla palustris) or arums (Zantedeschia sp.)? The latter are quite hardy when it comes to bugs (although they do purposefully attract them for pollination so other plants nearby might suffer)