Calling All Birders

This avian asshat has set up camp around the house for the last 3 nights.
I go look for him, and suddenly he’s in the front yard, or the neighbor’s yard.
I head out front, and he head for the back.

I can’t see him, so I can’t give any description other than his call.

He chirps, or peeps **LOUDLY **for hours. I started to go record him, but I found a post by someone with the same question. Post 9 by the OP is spot on. It’s like stereo, because I can hear him outside while I listen to the mp3.

OK, kids. Who is tormenting me here in the Atlanta area?

It’s not a bird, it’s a frog. A Spring Peeper, to be exact.

It’s not moving from the front yard to the back. When you go into the front yard, the frog there shuts up while the ones in other locations continue to call. When you go in the back yard, that one shuts up and the one in the front starts up again.

However, the migration call of the Swainson’s Thrush resembles that of a Spring Peeper. But they shouldn’t be migrating in February.

Here’s an example of the Swainson’s Thrush “peep” call. Here’s another.

Swainson’s Thrushes, however, leave the US entirely during the winter. They shouldn’t return to the Atlanta area until spring.

Spring Peeper calls are generally given more rapidly and sound a bit more metallic. They would also be coming from near the ground rather than high in trees.

[Churchy LaFemme voice]

My favorite bird is the tree frog,
He’s a harbringer branger of spring;
He’s a bird with hardly no feathers,
And a big songer sanger of sing!

[/clfv] :slight_smile: