Calling All Cosmetics Junkies

I’ve been using Bare Minerals for the past 3-5 years on my 42 year old face and am bored. Also a bit nonplussed as I’ve not been looking exactly smashing lately.

I want a foundation recommended that will:

Even out skin tone
Not sink into wrinkles (there’s the stickler)
Not make me pimply
And if could pull my face up about 3/4 of an inch that would be good too. :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me about their favorite foundation products?

I use mineral makeup but not Bare Minerals. I have a bunch of different brands and my favorite for foundation is Cory. Her foundations are dense and highly pigmented and so you only need a TINY amount to get a beautiful smooth full coverage but it looks very natural. Lots of people think I don’t wear any makeup on my face. I use far less with hers than with any other brand, and I’ve tried about 15 different kinds.

I’ve found that when I feel all of a sudden that I’m not looking smashing, it’s because my face needs buffing and my brushes need cleaning. The difference with a clean brush is amazing, so if you haven’t been cleaning them give it a try.

I love my Bare Escentuals, but you’ve got to do a lot of prep work. How well do you exfoliate? When you apply moisturizer, make sure you wait 30-60 seconds for it to dry. You might also consider using a primer, which will fill in large pores and other depressions. Then as the previous poster mentioned, apply the minerals with a clean brush. Hope this helps.

I love MAC Select Moistureblend. It’s a cream foundation that goes on with a brush. (It says brush or sponge on the web site, but don’t use a sponge.)

It is the BEST at evening out skin tone for me. The drawback is that to apply it really well, you need to give it your time and attention; if you rush it, it looks too heavy – this is not a “running out the door, slap some make-up on” product. But the results are fantastic, and it lasts all day without needing any touch-ups at all. When I wear it, that’s when I get the “you look great today!” comments.

For people who don’t like wearing cream foundation every day, I would still strongly recommend having this on hand for dressier events.

Primer does help. Personally I just used primer + powder with no foundation, unless it’s a special occasion.

I LOVE Shu Uemura’s water-based foundation, but it doesn’t give a lot of coverage. It works if you already have fairly blemish-free skin and just want to even out the tone a little bit. Bobbi Brown has also worked well for me, although it’s on the heavy side.

I use this too. It’s the most moisturizing foundation I’ve ever found, and you need moisture if your skin is dry - or you will end up with lines of foundation in whatever wrinkles you have. I also use Dermablend to cover up a couple of red spots.

Hi all…thanks for the responses.

Ages might help if we’re not ashamed of them. haha!!!

Just bought Cover Girl TruBlend - it’s like a miracle, I swear. It’s the only foundation I’ll use from now on. Makes my skin look flawless - 41 years old.

I’m 45, fair-skinned and haven’t been very good about wearing sunscreen consistently until the last few years, so I’ve got lines around my mouth that I need to moisturize the hell out of!

Any advice for someone with oily skin? I’ve found makeup is pretty much gone by the end of the day, and I have this aversion to paying $20 for a one ounce bottle at the Clinique counter. I’ve been getting the Covergirl, but I think I’m going to have to suck it up and spend the money. Grrrr…

I’m almost 48, and much as you posted, I tried the Bare Minerals and disliked how it settled in my fine lines (no crevices yet, thanks to having oily skin). Plus the available shades didn’t really work with my skin tones. I have dark hair where it’s not silver, black eye brows and dark brown eyes and I am fairly pale. Also because I’m still pretty oily, I always felt like the Bare Minerals were just gone by noon.

For the last few years I’ve been using MAC Studio Tech, and I love it. I use a brush, not a sponge, and put it where my skin tones are uneven. Best of all, I don’t get clogged pores, and my make up stays on my face, where it belongs.

Edited to add: Ivylass, check out the MAC. It’s not cheap but it lasts forever.

Following the MAC theme, I use Mac Studio Fix, which is their powder that is a bit thicker so it has a base to it. I put a little concealer under my eyes, then just use studio fix (no actual foundation to speak of). I have freckles, so I like them to peak through a bit, something that doesn’t happen if I goop on concealer, foundation, and powder. Also, I hate having all that stuff on my face. Studio Fix has great coverage, is long lasting, and isn’t heavy. I love it. I apply it with a big foofy brush, rather than the sponge in the thinggy. If you apply with a sponge, it’ll be a lot thicker.

I’m 21, ftr.

Oh, and I also agree that everyone should just pony up for Mac if they can. It lasts forever because it is such a high quality. A little bit goes a very long way. While the counter can be a little intimidating, once you’re up there, the girls are all INCREDIBLY nice. I’ve never once had a bad experience.

And they don’t charge for makeovers anymore, though it’s customary to buy like $40 worth of products if you get one. That said, $20 for a big, huge powder/foundation compact is a steal. I wear mine every day and I only have to replace it when the next big season comes around and I get or lose my tan. Even then, I usually have about a 1/4 of the old one sitting around.

ivylass, have you tried rice paper? I have very very oily skin (same problem as you, only think midday). My niece got me hooked on these rice papers that come pre-loaded with powder. I think a package of them is around $4 at Sally Beauty supply. It blots the oil right off and leaves a smooth finish. These things have really saved me!

Here is what the package looks like. You can get a different brand from Asian Ideas but I haven’t tried them. Everything I have bought at that site has been great, though.

MAC makes blotting powder which I also use. It goes on without affecting the color of your skin, and just takes care of the oil without creating a caked look.

Ah, I’ll go against the crowd and recommend Bare Minerals, then. I also have oily skin, and Bare Minerals is great because it’s not adding more goop to my skin (although I do use Biore’s Pore Minimizing moisturizer under the Bare Minerals makeup.) I don’t know if this is technically accurate, but it FEELS like the minerals are the pigment in a regular makeup, and my skin oils the oily base of a regular makeup - so I get great coverage essentially making foundation on my skin, but it doesn’t all slide off before noon.

I don’t have fine lines yet (yay, oily skin!), so perhaps when that happens I’ll feel differently. But for now, I’ve been using Bare Minerals for about 6 months and still love it - I can look dressed up with little effort, or I can apply it without a mirror while I’m camping and look like a fresh-faced hippy chick with no make up and fabulous skin!

I’ve found that Prescriptives is worth it, even if you end up paying for the special blend to match your skin tone…

Everything else I’ve tried or had tried on me (including Bare Escentuals) looks like a mask on me.

I worked for Prescriptives years ago, and while I haven’t used their stuff in a while, I loved the powder and foundation. I’d also **highly ** recommend their Line Preventor, it makes any makeup go on like buttah.

A friend of mine recently gave me a bottle of Maybelline Age Rewind that was too light for her, and I’m surprised how much I love it. The coverage is heavier than I’d like on it’s own, but the texture is lovely, and it’s perfect mixed with moisturizer. The only thing I don’t love about it is that it’s got that whole “brightening” (read: sparkles) thing going on, although it’s less noticeable than in many I’ve seen.

Slight hijack, but is it just me, or is it getting harder and harder to find foundation and powder without freakin sparkles in it? I’m 36 years old, I do *not * wish to appear to have dusted myself with glitter.

Do you notice a shine to your face with the Bare Minerals? I don’t mean the oil shine, I noticed that the product itself was shiny, not shimmery but shiny. I don’t know how else to explain it and I just felt like that shine didn’t do nice things for my face.

I’ve never used Bare Minerals, but I really like the mineral makeup I use - Everday Minerals. I have oily skin and I use the matte foundation (you can choose between that and a couple other, glittery ones). Between the foundation and their Finishing Powder (which is supposed to reduce shine), I don’t have any shine problems.

They also have a really good deal if you just want to try their product or decide what colors work - you can get 3 foundations, a blush and a concealer for the cost of shipping (around $3). They’re sample sizes, but they were big enough that they lasted me a few weeks.

I like Prescriptives too. The Virtual Skin line blends seemlessly into my skin, gives me light coverage, and doesn’t feel like foundation. I’ve tried the mineral products and I liked the coverage but they felt too heavy. I do use MAC when I’m dressing up to go out 'cause it has great coverage but it’s more than I need everyday. I usually apply a moisturizing sunscreen, let it sink into the skin, and then apply my foundation with a moist brush.