Calling all jigsaw puzzles fans

Especially the free ones available online.

A recent thread dealing with “unusual hobbies” had quite a few posts that mentioned “jigsaw puzzles” and I’d like to explore what others are doing to deal with that obsession, if it’s to that level.

My main source is and I focus almost exclusively on the People section.

Do you have a favorite site for these things?

I do the daily free puzzle on the Jigsaw Puzzle app from Critical Hit Software, on my iPad.

Hadn’t tried that one before. Not a bad site, but there are a couple programming issues I’d change there.

I’ve used jigzone and the free daily puzzle at shockwave a bit.

Yes, I 've tried them as well. What are the programming issues at jigidi?

I like Jigzone -

There was no image of the completed puzzle while you were trying to solve. (I mean, with a real jigsaw puzzle, you look at the box while you’re doing it.) And when two (or more) pieces were in the same place, I couldn’t find a way to bring pieces to the top; even when I would click-and-drag pieces, other pieces would appear to be on top of the ones I was dragging.

Yeah, I tend to do that too…I like solving puzzles of people of the female persuasion who are always trying to decide whether or not to wear clothes, lingerie, heels or such.

I’ve made a few myself on Jigidi, but the I usually make puzzles of hockey players in action.

Yes, those would be nice to fix, but I have never had a real issue with that “feature.”

If you wouldn’t mind sending a link to one of yours I’d like to see some of your work. PM if you prefer.

Over the past week or two I have been building a list of over 200 puzzles of the variety you mentioned. It’s almost finished and I’m going to try to find one specific puzzle (may have been deleted) that I worked in the past two or three weeks and have not been able to find it again. It was nice, even if it had over 200 pieces.

I suspect there are at least another 100-200 puzzles I have left off my list for one reason or another, but the ones I have kept are very easy to look at.

For most of my life I’ve had little interest in jigsaw puzzles. Maybe it was all that fuss of setting up a table and turning all the pieces over. I don’t know.

Anyway one day I did on one the MSN games page and I’m hooked. I like the sounds the pieces make and that little vacuum sensation when they snap into place. Easily amused I guess.

I do those three each day and at least one from this site:

My favorites are street scenes and art.

Very nice work. Several of your fantasy pieces made me think of this one, which is one of only a very few fantasy things on my list: Published 8. Aug 2012
belly dancer

I see you’re a Breaking Bad fan. So am I.

Neat! I have Ravensburger Puzzles for my computer.

Will jigidi later and create my own puzzles.

Well, I just completed my list to date. Here are the profiles of the most well represented constructors on my list. If you have others who produce a good number of puzzles you like, please let me know about them.

Ok…go back and check the “NEW” puzzles of the day…turn off your filter if you want to see all four of them.

Tell me more about this “filter” that I didn’t know I had turned on!

I see two new BB puzzles from you, and they look really cool.

Although they’re more difficult than jigsaw puzzles because the shapes aren’t there to help, you may find the ones at as much fun and even more challenging.

Go under “My Profile” and turn your “Filter Content:” to “No”…then you will see 2 more BB puzzles.

Okay! I had never set up a profile so I didn’t even know all about the filter. Thanks. New horizons!

I’m in. Will publish more tomorrow.