Calling Doctors: Diagnose me please.

For the last couple of days now I’ve been getting shooting pains all over my head. Mainly by the front temple. They only last for a couple of seconds but I’m betting them non stop.

I’ve also been getting stabbing pains in my chest.

I am under some stress at the moment but I’ve been far more stressed in my life and never had this. In fact, I thrive on stress. Is there an explanation?

I’m 19. I weigh 12 stone. I have a truly shitty diet but I take a lot of exercise and can run 3 Kilometers in 13 minutes.

Any thoughts?

Umm, those symptoms sound kind of serious. I’d reccomend you go see a real doctor. Soon.

I’m going to.

No self-respecting physician (and there are some great ones who post here) will give you a diagnosis on SDMB. They may give you some “suggestions”, but I bet the best one will be the one Speaker gave you: Get thee to a doctor, with great haste.

Good luck


This symptom alone is get-your-ass-to-the-emergency-room serious. Not let’s-see-what-anybody-on-the-SDMB-thinks serious. Stop-reading-this-now-and-GO serious.

Whose father died of a massive coronary a few hours after having chest pains he thought had “gone away”