Calling Plumbers - need answer fast

We have workers in the house right now installing a shower to replace the tub. The plumber had to change out the drain to meet the 2" code requirement. The pan has been set and they’re prepping for the shower walls.

Here’s the problem: when the toilet is flushed now, the sound of the water going down the drain pipes is very loud at the new shower drain, possibly because they shortened the pipe run. Is there any way for the plumber to mitigate this issue?

Ask the workers - they know more about your home’s plumbing than we do.

Is it possible that there is no trap on the shower drain now? If that is the cause of the louder sound, I think they would need to fix that to conform with code. No trap means sewer gas can come up through the shower drain.

I was asking here because a second opinion is always helpful. Also, the plumbers are no longer on the site. Thirdly, there are plumbers on this board who are knowledgeable. But thanks for the non-answer.

Lastly, I have to say that no answer is needed, as I realized that the drain trap was likely dry. Poured some water into the shower drain and the problem went away.

So please close the thread.

There shouldn’t be any noise from a shower drain when the toilet is flushed. Sounds like they have eliminated the trap for your shower, if not, perhaps the trap is dry, allowing noise to echo up through the drain. Try pouring some water down the drain (enough to fill a trap) and see if that eliminates the noise. Ninjad, sorry.

While I would normally move this to IMHO, in view of this I’ll close it instead.