Calling Qadop! So, how's life behind bars?

A few months ago you announced a lifestyle change and would be practicing medicine at a local prison. Howzit going? Any stereotypes you’d like to bust? Any advice on malingering that we can use at our cube farms?

Please share! You’re a fascinating guy.

Yeah Q the M how are things going? You replied to a post the other day and I almost hijacked it to see how you were doing in the new job. Are you likin’ it? Is it challenging? And like Staykat23 said, any advice to us?

Oops, that’s Straykat23 Sorry! There are some things even preview doesn’t help.

On 3-30 he had Qadgop in prison regarding his first week behind bars and on 4-19 his epiphany in the Big House recapping his first month.

Of course, I’m still eager to hear more from him as well.

When I first read this thread title, I was afraid that QTM got caught in an Oxycontin scandal or something.

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Here is a typical story of lack of foreisght and planning, inmate style.

On Monday a con was due to start work in my shop, but he doesn’t arrive, so I pass the message on to the prisoner movement management.

Turns out he told his accomodation unit staff that he’d already reported to me and I’d said he was not required.(you’d have thought that those same staff would not have taken his word for it and checked the story out with me)

Eventually he arrives at my shop and just for shits and giggles I asked him where he’d been, without letting on that I knew the truth already.
He replied that he’d been to a senior staff member to try and obtain a legal aid phone call, so I said that I thought he was mistaken.

“Are you calling me a liar?” says XXXXXXXX(it’s quite a long name)
“Nope, you’re a fucking liar!” was my answer, I had already worked out what kind of arsehole he is and didn’t feel inclined to make him feel welcome.

He went red as a few other cons in the shop heard the exchange and grinned.

Next I showed him his work, and to make sure he did it I stood over him, then told him to get more work from the store area after he’d completed it all.
I’d managed to extract from him that he was a reject from a much easier jail, and that he’d done most of his other time in far harder jails, which is a good indication of a complete tosser. He also mentioned that he only had four weeks left to serve.

If I were in his position I would want to finish my last bit of jail with as little grief as possible, but not this plonker.

The next day I ordered him to start work as he certainly wasn’t inclined on his own volition, he started then stopped and did nothing else all day.

Np problem, I wrote him out a formal warning (which is not good for a prisoner as it can affect his priveledges rather a lot) and sent it to his unit manager to be signed.

Wednesday morning he came into the shop and informed, rather less than politely that I was,

“A fucking bastard shithead”

Which I took to be some sort of insult, and placed him on report, a charge against prison discipline.

Thursday (today) our fine fellow is dragged up on a charge in front of the Governor who extended his jail time by five days.

Five days isn’t all that much, but…

It turns out that XXXXXXXX is also awaiting the results of a drug test which he is disputing, it usually takes a few weeks to return from the labs so he had a chance of being released before then, unfortunately (and I have to smile balefully) he will definately be inside when the result returns, and he will be guilty of taking hard drugs he knows it, the whole workshop knows it.

This means he will get another 42 days added to his jail term, but he also has another 42 days to be added for a previous drugs test, these second 42 days were suspended provided he behaved himself and didn’t get caught out for something similar.

So for the privelidge of giving me a piece (albeit rather small) mind it will cost him a total of 87 days in jail extra.
What is more, he will have to do the lot sat in his cell as no other workshop will now employ him, and no prisoner likes to be cooped up doing nothing for that length of time.

Average figures show that prison staff have slightly shorter lives than average for the rest of the population, not surprising given what we have to deal with, so it it’s nice occasionaly to take a few months out of the lives of our tormentors, and Joe Public will be that little bit safer for a few weeks too.

I have it easy, medical staff get loads of hassle from these scumbags.