calling somerset poms re cider song

hoping somebody can help me out there.

i’ve a friend who hails from somerset and she is terribly nostalgic
for the tune that goes something like ( big guess ):

“… she comes down from somerset where the cider trees grow…”

apparently the song was used in an ad for a cider brewer many years ago.

i’ve googled and googled to no avail.

what i would like is a sound file of the song so as to bring a tear to her eye.


It was, I think an advert for Coates Cider. The first line of the song was
" Oh, Coates comes up from Somerset, where the cider apples grow"
Sorry I can’t help with a sound file.

I can confirm that it was definitely a Coates Cider ad, from the 60s or very early 70s in the UK. My mother (Somerset-born-and-raised) used to love the stuff.

I think that it was more of a jingle than a song, i.e. the only line was “Coates comes up from Somerset, where the cider apples grow”, sung at the end of the ad.

This site gives a brief history of Coates cider, and says:

Unfortunately, a Google search on “Fred Wetherley” merely returns the same site, so his greatness may well be lost to future generations. :frowning:

flano1, you could always buy your friend this jug with the singing yokels on it. Can’t say much for this site’s appraisal skills, however — they claim “circa 1900” for a jug advertising a company that didn’t exist before 1924, with the lyrics of a jingle that probably didn’t exist until the 1960s!
(Perhaps you could ask for a discount if you point that out to them.)

I can still remember the tune – if your friend needed reminding of it I could probably make an mp3 and e-mail it to her. This would be me singing it, however, not the original. So, unless she’s totally stumped as to the tune, she’s better off with her own memory…

In answer to to Coates Cider song, the song’s words were:

“We always have Coates Cider, when we watch the TV show,
'cos Coates comes up from Somerset, where the cider apples grow”

I see that the OP was at least logged in and on the site as lately as last month (January 2016) and has posted as recently as August 2015, so hopefully flano1 will see this post.

First, I’m sorry this took so long. Usually we answer this kind of query in well under an hour; this time it’s taken more than 13 years. In my defense, I wasn’t on the Dope back then. :stuck_out_tongue:

The song We’ll All Come Up From Somerset (sometimes abbreviated as just Up From Somerset) dates back to the middle 1800s. The lyrics were written by Frederic Weatherly; the music composed by Wilfred Sanderson. The partially altered version used in the adverts was by Adge Cutler & The Wurzels. I wasn’t able to find a version of them singing the song, but there are videos of many other artists performing it available on YouTube; I prefer Benjamin Luxon.

If you (or your friend) simply must see Adge Cutler & The Wurzels, I found this advert for Coates Cider that features them performing their biggest hit, a song widely regarded as the anthem of Somerset, Drink Up Thy Zider.

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