Calling the doctor about a sleep problem

My darling wife has made plain her concern that I might suffer from sleep apnea. Never mind that she calls herself “worst case scenario woman”…my parents were always thunderous snorers, so I can’t totally dismiss the possibility she has a point.

Yesterday my physician gave me a referral to a pulmonary specialist (that’s “lungs”) whom he regards as a good doctor for “sleep studies”. So I called them up today.

“Hello, doctor’s office?”

“Hi! My physician gave me a referral to your office and I think I need to schedule an appointment.”

“Pulmonary or sleep?”

“It’s a sleep problem.”

“Please hold.”

For some reason I find that hysterically funny. :smiley:


It’s for diagnostic purposes. If you fall asleep while you’re on hold and they come back to hear you snoring, you get fast-tracked for an appointment and sleep study :smiley: