Calories in sugarless gum. Why?

A 12 ounce can of sugar free soda has 0 calories, yet a tiny little stick of sugarless gun has 10 calories. How can this be? What’s in the gum that gives it more calories than the entire soda?

Depends on the sweetener being used. Some have no calories, some have less than sugar, but still a lot. Sorbitol, technically an alcohol, has a sweet taste, and a moderate calorie kick.

What Qadgop said.

And remember that “sugarless” doesn’t mean calorie free. In fact, ASFAIK, in Canada a “sugarless” sweetener is defined only by the fact that it won’t rot your teeth. But, gram for gram, the sweetner can have the identical number of calories as table sugar. So, what you want is a sweetener that’s so potent that only very small quantities (milligrams) of it are needed. This is why aspartame is so popular.