Calves liver pate?

I just made liver and onions for dinner (came out beautifully) and it got me to thinking. Most pate recipes I’ve seen are for chicken or pork (or goose, of course). Not so much beef. Well, I did find one Scandinavian recipe, but I don’t trust them after I heard about lutefisk.

But I love calve’s liver. Why not calve’s liver pate? Is this a bad idea? has this, like cold fusion, been tried before and I would only be foolish to attempt it again? Or should I boldly go where no one but the Scandinavians have gone before?


(Although if your thought is"Ewww, liver is icky" you might consider not reponding :wink: )


clears throat

Eew, liver is yucky.

I found this Ukrainian recipe rather easily; is this what you mean?

And, if I may speculate: Perhaps this would be akin to making hamburger patties with Filet Mignon or some other nice cut of meat? It was my impression that calves’ liver was thet “best” kind, and therefore would be served whole in order to appreciate it (?).

Ah…Ukranian. Don’t trust them either…not because if lutefisk but because much of my familay is Ukrainian and I wouldn’t trust them with food :). But I will give that recipe a look, thank you.

And you may be right. A lot of good cooking has come out of improving the stuff you have to make do with (lutefisk excepted). And thus never applied to calve’s liver considered good enough on it’s own. But…still, not in the spriitof make do but because additional flavours might be interesting, still seems like an interesting idea.