Calvin Klean "Crave" Ad

I am always interested in advertising…considering how much money is spent on all of this blather, somebody must know what it all means!
Anyway, I just saw a TV ad for a new men’s fragrance from calvin Klein…it is called “Crave” (is it supposed to be like heroin…you crave it?). The ad features a handsome young man (no shirt), stumbling around like he is in a drunken stupor (maybe it is heroin).
What are they trying to put across here? I thought men’s colognes were pushed by sexy young women…you know, slap some of this crap on, and the chicks will be lining up!
So, what does “CRAVE” do for you…will it tranform you into a handsome young man who can’t walk straight?
A really bizarre ad…but it made megabucks for somebody!:smack: